Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Boos to the Commander-in-chief

Some people have come to believe that President Bush was an enemy of the American people.

Barack Obama thanked President Bush for his service to the USA and for the very helpful and responsive transition work he has afforded to the president-elect. It is something Obama repeatedly affirmed during the three months of transition period. Obama cannot be deaf to some of the ugly rhetoric and radical positions espoused by some of his most fervent supporters. Indeed, he has done everything to distance himself from such voices, and such persons.

This was not a proud moment in a an otherwise a perfect day.

Solomonia offers a way of making some amends for the vulgarians.

And then, there is this, from a grateful nation:

On Monday, Peres called President George W. Bush to bid him farewell. "Had the world acted against Hitler like you acted against Saddam Hussein, millions of lives would be saved," he told Bush.

"You've made an historic contribution to the entire world and to the Jewish people in particular, and we shall treasure and remember it forever," Peres added.

A timely reminder.


At 9:36 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Western Left is what it is. They dont know how lucky they are that the Western Right are classy high minded Classical Liberals whose values allow such fools to flourish.

At 10:14 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember Bush's first inauguratoin where his car was pelted with eggs, and that prevented him from walking down the street.

Its a clear juxtaposition of Western Right with the Western Left.

At 11:09 AM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

"Its a clear juxtaposition of Western Right with the Western Left."

I would suggest to you that those who booed Pres. Bush were under the illusion of the same type of clarity this statement conveys.

At 1:06 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im sure, when they march arm in arm with Palestinians chanting Kill All the Jews, that they are under the same illusion as well.

Juxtapose that with the Western Right....more clarity.

At 1:16 PM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

"when they march arm in arm with Palestinians chanting Kill All the Jews,"

You cannot exonerate the crimes of the past by hoping for similar crimes in the future. I suspect that your concern for Jews or Israel extend only far as they can be used in your private vendetta against the Left.

Let me remind you that Pat Buchanan's position on Jews and Israel is practically indistinguishable from the the chants of the crazy left. And Pat is more dangerous, in some ways, because he is articulate and charming.

At 1:31 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is what your revealed suspicions sound like...

"I suspect Jewish support of America extends only as far as goya can be used for the security of Israel."

The mirror.

At 1:34 PM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...


You should work on your Hebrew.

At 1:40 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im not up on all that mess. I think goya is actually a brand of esoteric foodstuffs in the US.


At 1:41 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goya is a family-run food company offering beans, rice, nectars, seasonings and authentic Spanish, Mexican and Hispanic specialties.

At 1:44 PM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

BTW, nwo, whenever I see a new thread being opened at your pub, with a provocative title about israel, I know it is initiated by either you or the poster known as H. This is not a compliment to you, mind. You might want to reconsider some of your underlying assumptions and motivations that inform your thinking. Read more books, less inflamatory Internet sites and message boards, of any kind, that is my advice.

At 1:47 PM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

"This is what your revealed suspicions sound like...

"I suspect Jewish support of America extends only as far as goya can be used for the security of Israel."

The mirror."

With this comment of yours -- a suspicion no more

At 3:21 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your paranoia does Israel or Jews no favors.

At 3:37 PM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Paranoia? Didn't you declare here a few months ago that Jews were seeking to undermine Western civilization? YOU call ME paranoiac??

At 4:27 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On another note, you cant buy the kind of propaganda that Obama is providing the US.

At 4:37 PM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Last night Rachel Meadow (believe it or not, my husband thinks she is cute) waxed poetic and long over Obama's middle name. And the other MSNBC genius wondered how Americans would react if the Iranian president were called Mahmoud Washington Ahmadinejad. They all pronounced Hussein as a bona fide American name. I felt envious. When will 'Noga' become a bona fide Canadian name? When will I have to stop spelling it out so that people can pronounce it correctly?

At 5:47 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, here is one party on the Western Right:

And another party on the right in the same country:

“On August 24, Roland Wagner, vice-president of the right-wing Swiss Democrates (SD), which lost its only seat in the National Council, resigned his position, after he had helped two German neo-Nazis, Timo Voelkerland and Daniela Uebelacker, members of the neo-Nazi Freie Nationalisten Rhein-Main, organize a shooting exercise in Switzerland.”

There are many other examples in the Western world.

In this county, you have the paleoconservatives (Buchanan et al.) who have a long history of anti-Semitism. As Noga points out, you don’t have to be out marching in the streets making a fool of yourself to be an anti-Semite.

There is a decent left, just as there is a decent right. If you think the left has a monopoly on political extremism I suggest taking a look around at the world as it actually is and not resort to fitting it according to your ideological blinders.

At 4:41 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading Watching America the last few days has been breath taking. The global Obama worship.....from Africa to SE Asia, to the European Left, to Latin America. The Left in the US is producing articles that its now hip to wave the Stars and Stripes and be patriotic and love your country again.

Bush deserves a lot of credit for this as well.

Now that the American Left isnt attempting to sabotage American foreign policy and the US image abroad and Hollywood and Entertainment will be promoting America now through song and propaganda....instead of belittling the President of the US and mocking him @ concerts abroad.

Plus the all important Race Card that Obama will wield over the EuroLeft.

Its gonna be great.

Obama needs to keep his Party's Congresspeople in line, by not pursuing the Lefts culture war...if he wants to retain good support from the Republican's. It may disgruntle some radical leftist support, but theyve got nowhere else to go.

At 4:49 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TNC, while there are certainly anti Semites on the Right....they are not as large a contingent as those on the Left. The anti Semitic anti Israel Left is much more dangerous to the Jews and Israel. However that being stated, in Europe as opposed to the US, Muslim immigration is agitating moves to the radical right(and Europes right is much more aligned with ethnic cultural nationalism) and Jews will certainly get swept up in that. That being said, Israel has the same problems in this regard with other minorities. When you take away the Muslim violent threat....both Europe and Israel will be more pleasant, open, and the US.


The Left is full of racists now...they moved away somewhat from classism and towards racism(under the guise of anti racism) to agitate for resentment and therefore group conflict(often violent) in order to win elections, divisive politics, non assimilation, righteous victimiztion conflict with the oppressors. They created the Great Muslim immigrant societies of Europe. They promote anti Western grievance and violence against it....this is their doing.


At 8:02 AM EST, Blogger Roland Dodds said...

“TNC, while there are certainly anti Semites on the Right....they are not as large a contingent as those on the Left.”

I have never done censuses on which side has more Jew haters, but as TNC said, the right has more than its fair share of them. They may have been silent in recent years, or decided to work with the radical left (like right wing Truthers have), but they are there, and I don’t discount their numbers.

Having said that, anti-Semites on the left and right are all shit in estimate, and I need not differentiate between where they situate themselves politically.

At 10:11 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive got other big problems with the Left, and you should too, because of the overarching philosophy that has driven them to support the would be destroyers of Israel over Israel.

However, that US Jews side with these types politically has to be the ultimate irony.

At 10:13 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it has something to do with Jews always being a minority and pushing for minority rights over the majority. But now that they have their own majority country, they dont seem to be treating their minorities as well as they advocate the US do for example.

Funny that.

At 11:01 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NWO, I agree with you that things have been changing. After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq there has been a visible increase in left-wing anti-Semitism. It was one of the factors that encouraged me to leave the left.

However, like Roland, I do not know whether there are more anti-Semites on the radical left or radical right these days. I see it on both sides but I do not have any quantitative data. From my own experience, people who have a Nativist, xenophobic “America First” perspective have been much more openly anti-Semitic (i.e. “the Jews control the banks”) than self-styled leftist revolutionaries (i.e. “Zionism is colonialism”).

As far as which group is larger or more influential in the West (radical left or radical right), it is necessary to examine each country, regions/states within the country, urban vs. rural voters, etc. On the national level in the UK, the right-wing BNP is much more popular than the SWP or any of the radical left parties. I don’t have the percentages at hand but I doubt the SWP receives more than 1% of the vote. In France, the National Front receives about 15% of the total vote while the far-left parties like the CP receive less than 2%. In Italy, far-right parties receive a much higher percentage of the vote than the far-left.

If the far-left is weak in Western Europe, it is infinitesimal in the U.S. Seriously, how many people in the U.S. believe in communism or anarchism? Let me tell you as someone familiar with these scenes, it ain’t much, to put it mildly. Sometimes I think that is part of the appeal for the participants.

At 11:28 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

[sorry for posting twice]

I prefer to deal in specifics rather than generalities. When you start talking about an “overarching philosophy” of “the left” it is a short step to calling people like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi communists. Judging from some of your comments at this blog I suspect you see the world this way:

Democrat = socialist = communist.

The Democratic Party in the U.S. is not a radical left party nor is the Republican Party a radical right party. People who label these parties as such are not very politically astute.

If you do not see the world this simplistically, my bad. But reading your comments make the world seem very black and white with conservative/right = good and liberal/left = evil.

Lastly, my understanding of the vast majority of democratic Jewish political activity in the U.S. has not been focused on "minority rights over the majority" but *majority rule* with a recognition of minority rights. There is a big difference between the two.

At 11:49 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason for the increase in BNP and other similarly styled parties in Europe is a reaction to Muslim immigration....not an increase in Anti Semitism...although their is certainly that as well in Europe....largely attributable to Muslim immigration and the Lefts advocacy of them as a disadvantaged minority subjected to racism.

Its quite the spectacle. The Western Left embracing their own distruction in the course of trying to destroy the Western burgeousie white racist imperialists.


Hope recently sprung in the Netherlands with the "Center Left" Labor party, recently making pronouncements on Muslim immigration and immigrants, and cultural assimilation.

However a couple of weeks later Geert Wilders is now scheduled for trial with charges of hate speech.

Europe is on a downward spiral.

At 11:54 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One man's minority right is another man's minority privelege. That is the Lefts folly, and the Jews who are overwhelming on the Left in the US fully support it. They support attacks on majority cultural expression, regarding that expression as oppression.

Sad but true.

Would they support the same, in Israel?

(This is especially in regards to Christianity....or Judaism in Israel.)

PS - The San Francisco Left is far Left, and their Representative Nancy Pelosi reflects that.

At 11:58 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps overwhelming Jewish American support of the Democrat party does make the most sense, because Jewish minority interests law with minority rights and privelege and the disempowerment of majority rights and priveleges. And if they abandoned the Party, then most assuredly the Democrat Party platform would become anti Israel. The Conservative Republicans support Israel on they dont need a constituency to push them in that direction.

best regards


At 12:29 PM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

"Perhaps overwhelming Jewish American support of the Democrat party does make the most sense, because Jewish minority interests law with minority rights and privelege and the disempowerment of majority rights and priveleges. And if they abandoned the Party, then most assuredly the Democrat Party platform would become anti Israel."

You see, NC, Jews cannot be interested in universal justice and rights. Whatever political affiliation they have, is rooted in the promotion of subversive self-interests only. Looking at Jewish political activism, the true realist (like NWO here) sees them for what they are. He doesn't get sidetracked by their pretty words. He knows what's what.

As soon as "lol" appears in his comments, it is a reminder to stop taking anything he says with any modicum of seriousness.

At 2:53 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excepting when those Universal Values are betrayed.....

1. By the failure to follow them in Israel...with regards to minority privelege and rights.

2. Generalizations are generalization, useful for understanding broad concepts. Jewish American Republicans, conservatives exist...are they any less committed to Universal Justice and Equality?

3. Jews are free to advocate for their own interests and those of other minorities. If they were serious about universality, they would be advocating for equality before the law, and equality of opportunity. Not set asides, special priveleges, etc. However this is the folly of most of the Left, and other minority groups who have fallen for the easy money, and turned their back on univeralism.

Thus my very serious disagreement with the Left.

Lighten up.

At 3:09 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the Lefts latest attempt at "Universal Justice." I guess some people deserve more universal justice than others. LOL!

Video: Robert Reich(D) & Charles Rangel(D) No stimulus money for white males

"Basically, Reich wants Congress to create some means testing that doesn’t explicitly keep stimulus funds from paying the salaries of white males. He suggests that the lawmakers create “criteria” that will have that effect in practice without being crass enough to say, [b]No Whites Need Apply[/b]."

At 3:12 PM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Please NWO, don't support Israel. If you imagine that Israel is an abusive human rights state, Israel does not need your kind of support.

And please do yourself a favour and join the KKK. You seem to be in need of some friendship and comfort.

Go away, will you. You are becoming tedious.

At 3:21 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didnt describe Israel as an abusive human rights state. Your paranoid strawman.

I said that Israel doesnt measure up to the US in the treatment of its minorities.

Lashing out with the KKK reference is in bad taste. Might as well call me a Nazi.

Robert Reich: "Some of my best friends are white male construction workers."


At 3:26 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, I have no desire to replicate Leftists by joining racist organizations like the NAACP or La Raza.


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