Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Germany’s law enforcement agencies are in retreat while the Muslim mob is on the rise."

"To the shouts of “Allahu Akhbar” and “Death to Israel”, the mob immediately charged towards the building and began throwing stones and other objects at the apartment unit. German police, numbering only 250 men in total, were completely overwhelmed by the situation. For sure, they were able to fend off a first wave of Milli Gorus protesters trying to storm the building by force. However, in an apparent effort to appease the protesters and prevent the situation from spiraling completely out of control, the commanding police officer then ordered one of his men to climb up the balcony and remove the Israeli flag, while several other colleagues entered the apartment by force to take down the second flag."

"Can anyone imagine police storming into a privately-owned house to remove a Hamas flag?" the Central Council of Jews in Germany asked?

All the poisons trapped in the mud are hatching out.


At 6:05 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breaking into people's homes without legal authority is something that others have done too. British TV journalist Ed Stourton is one such, and his criminal trespass was perpetrated in Israel, no less.

The incident occurred when Stourton sought to interview the wife of the former leader of the South Lebanese Army, who had moved to Israel after the IDF withdrawal in 2000. Together with a video team Stourton pushed her aside and forced his way into her apartment, despite her objections to them entering. The intruders then proceeded to roam inside and film, laughing and ignoring her protests.

Shamefully, the Israeli authorities took no action against him. Such pusillanimity in the face of criminal anti-Israeli agitprop can only serve to strengthen and give confidence to Israel's enemies.

At 6:05 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The West should just deport all of the Islamos in Europe, its just a fifth coloumn waiting to take over and launch another Shoa.


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