Monday, January 19, 2009

An interim summary of the Gaza operation

Offered by Shark blog:

Leaders of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Britain, and the Czech Republic came to Jerusalem and spoke in support of Israel's accomplishments and intentions. Earlier in the day Husni Mubarek hosted the same group, along with prominent Arab leaders, and they did not condemn Israel.

Israeli leaders are expressing what seems to be widely felt here: sorrow for the deaths and suffering of non-combatants in Gaza, which is not the same as an apology. Already the government along with numerous volunteers has set up a field hospital on the borders of Gaza to provide treatment of civilians, and screening of cases to be sent for further care in Israeli hospitals.

The army has begun pulling its troops out of Gaza. Not all of them have left, and reservists have yet to be released. Forces are positioned close to the border. Israeli leaders do not enjoy killing, and they do not want to rule a hostile population, but they are not idiots. The IDF has already liquidated one group that fired rockets after the cease fire. It has signaled that it may tolerate some infractions of a cease fire for a short while without a massive response, but there is a limit to its patience.

The scenes of destruction in large parts of Gaza testify to the limits of Israeli tolerance. It will be best for all of us if the leadership of Hamas, Hizbollah, and Iran get the message.

As yet there is no resolution for the Israeli soldier held prisoner by Hamas for more than two years.


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