Monday, January 12, 2009

The Moral Failure of Selective Outrage

Ben-Dror Yemini, an Israeli journalist writing for the Hebrew daily "Ma'ariv", writes an impassioned and well-researched rant against European hypocrisy vis-a-vis Israel's Gaza operation. He is angry and he's not going to take this anymore! ...

Via Solomonia

[...] The speaker proclaiming the need for such large swaths of territories then went on to say that all Jews must be exterminated.

Talks like Hitler, sounds like Hitler, he is Hitler compatible. These words were uttered by Dr. Yunis al-Astal, cleric, and member of the Palestinian parliament. The clear and direct rhetoric regarding Jewish extermination and world domination of radical Islam world, enunciated by Dr. al-Astal and other senior Hamas leaders are not done surreptitiously. They are recorded as they appear on Hamas TV broadcasts, and are available through MEMRI or PMW websites in Hebrew, English and other languages to anyone who is interested in learning about the true nature of Hamas.

[...] In the struggle between Israel and Hamas there can be no victory without legitimacy. Israel is not Russia in Chechnya, NATO fighting the Taliban or the Lebanese erasing a whole refugee camp with impunity. Israel needs legitimacy to win support. Israel can win support only if we tell the truth -- and only the truth.

Official Israel is making efforts, but not even one message made it into the world's awareness.

Not the fact that Hamas is an anti-Semitic organization calling for the extermination of Jews.

Nor the fact the Hamas aspires to take over the world.

Nor the fact that "proportional response" is utter baloney that Europeans have never adhered to in past or present conflicts.

Nor the fact the Hamas is worse than the Taliban.

Nor the fact that Israel's collateral damage, tragic as it is, is much lower than that in Europe's record.

This failure of information and public enlightenment has decimated the support Israel had enjoyed during the first days of the war. But truth be told, it's not Israel's failure. If Hamas wins the propaganda war, it will be due to the free world's moral failure. We, persons of conscience, cannot afford to lose. The truth must out.


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