Friday, January 16, 2009

No reason to intervene

The transition from peace demonstration to anti-Semitic rally has become seamless, writes Alex Feuerherdt in response to the protests against Israel's bombardment of Gaza. "In Berlin around 7000 overwhelmingly Palestinian demonstrators marched through the Mitte district. According to eye-witness reports, 100 or so of them at the tail-end of the demonstration were performing the Hitler salute and shouting: 'Die Jews!' During a demonstration in Hanover, in which around 3000 people participated, an Israeli flag was burned to enthusiastic applause and shouts of 'Death! Death to Israel!' as well as 'Juden raus!' (Jews out). And when individual demonstrators performed the Hitler salute, the police saw no reason to intervene." (Alex Feuerherdt, Jungle world)


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