Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Nothing whatsoever to do with Hamas"

Former British Army Colonel Richard Kemp discusses the military challenges facing the IDF as they carry out Operation Cast Lead within Gaza:

Watch the video, here.

The broadcaster asks at a certain point, to what extent does the civilian population, which has nothing whatsoever to do with Hamas except live in a densely populated area where Hamas is active, to what extent does their fate factor into the considerations?

"Nothing whatsoever to do with Hamas"? Who elected Hamas and gave it the power to establish itself firmly and extensively among the the civilian fabric with the purpose of turning the entire area into one huge human shield? Don't the people who allow, nay, enable, this situation to develop and consolidate, bear some responsibility for finding themselves smack in the middle of the battleground?

When Jimmy Carter kept reminding us, as did BBC reporters, that Hamas came to power through legitimate elections, did he not mean to say that Hamas was the representative of the Palestinians people's will and choice? In which case, how can the very same people who elected this monstrosity "have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do " with Hamas?


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