Sunday, January 25, 2009

A problem from hell

Via: Islam in Europe

What happens when you eat a piece of chicken and a bone gets stuck in your gullet, so you can neither swallow nor cough it out? There is pain, fear and extreme discomfort, and possibly a visit to the hospital. This is what came up in my mind when I read the following story. Bear in mind that the Danes are known for their wonderful capacity and practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others, superseding even the Dutch in that respect.

Last semester the Ã…lholm school decided to split up the third grade according to ethnicity. "Ethnic Danes" and some 'bilinguals' in 3a. The parallel class 3B was filled 100% with Muslim students.

The division upset several of the parents of the Muslim children, but the school isn't yielding.

"Danish parents threatened to move their children to other schools because there were too many immigrants here," says Michael Olesen.

"People are nervous about their children's upbringing. They feel that Muslims belong to a different culture. Muslims are violent and steal more, that's certainly a fact."

Why do you work here really?

"I like the challenge of working in such an environment."

Michael Olesen describes Danes as quite tolerant, "but there's a pain threshold".

"If 30% of the students are made up of immigrants, there's no danger. That's acceptable. When it becomes 40% 'it starts to hurt'. When it's over 50%, yes, then Danish parents feel a threat."


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