Saturday, January 17, 2009

"So God-soaked violence became genetically coded"

This statement is made by none other than PBS holy man, Bill Moyers, as he was speaking about Gaza. And the subject of this rather blood-curdling assessment are Jews, not, as anyone with some facility for reasonable thinking, Hamas.

The Augean Stables has the goods, here.

I hate to say I'm surprised. I shouldn't be. Considering Moyers' long standing habit of salivating over the likes of Arundhati Roy, for example, who writes things like this:

"One wonders - have we forfeited our right to dream? Will we ever be able to re-imagine beauty? Will it be possible ever again to watch the slow, amazed blink of a new-born gecko in the sun, or whisper back to the marmot who has just whispered in your ear - without thinking of the World Trade Center and Afghanistan?"

It is quite incredible that, in the wake of the violent rallies staged by pro-Palestinian mobs around the world and eight years and 6,000 qassams of Hamas terrorism, and in view of Hamas genocidal Charter, it is the Jews he faults with God-soaked violent genes.

Jews will prefer writing letters to the editor over smashing shops and setting cars on fire, but Bill Moyers ignores the latter and reverses the former.

Why? Richard Landes speculates:

"I can imagine someone steeped in this kind of unconscious prejudice against Arabs and imprisoned by the walls of political correctness to slide comfortably into a blame-Israel narrative, although I think of Moyers as considerably more intelligent and thoughtful than Jimmy Carter. But I can’t get over that little digression into biblical narrative. That smells a lot to me like residual (and still-powerful) Christian supersessionism."

PBS has presented a few programmes about Jewish history and life in America in recent months. I might have thought, at one time, that they were intended for general enlightenment. Now I suspect they are just a cynical ploy, aimed at extracting money pledges from a Jewish audience. What's the point of these programmes, if Bill Moyers, in reactionary sensibility, with one fell swoop, knocks down whatever benefits of knowledge and understanding these programmes bring to a wider audience?


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