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The fallen idol:

According to this source, an
Israeli journalist, Guy Bechor, who writes on the Israeli website gplanet reported that:

... the Arab world is going crazy over reports that Leonardo DiCaprio is converting to Judaism in order to marry Sports Illustrated cover girl, Bar Rafieli, an Israeli.

The report appeared on Al-Arabiya website and, according to Bechor, is told in quite vicious terms. Apparently, Leo is a hero in the Arab world (everyone loved Titanic) but that the combination of his relationship with the Jewish beauty and his conversion, should it happen instantly transforms him to dirt in Arab eyes.

I thought the Arab world had changed? Don't we hear that their objection is only to the occupation not to Israel itself, let alone the Jews.

But now Leo is being attacked the same way Elizabeth Taylor was when she became a Jew 45 years ago and was boycotted by the Arab world. I think she still is.

Anyway, if you know Arabic, read the 144 nasty contacts about Leo (and Bar) in Al Arabiya. Sometimes it appears that they hate us, they really do.

The Iconoclast links to an article in italian about the subject, here is an attempted translation provided by a commenter:

"A scandal: but isn't he the DiCaprio who votes for Barack Hussein Obama, who rebuked the "anti-Arab" sentiment of Hollywood, who acts with the Iranian actresses? True or false, it is more than sufficient. The blog of the network is full of insults, incitement and vitriol. 114 messages..."The Qur'an says: he who changes his religion is going to Hell. He who passes to the Zionist, is also worse" (signed, the indignant). "We are not losing much for ourselves, habibi, it's what you want: congratulations for your religion and your Jewish whore" (an ex-admirer). "Did he miss us? Who's next?" (an angry person)."

What strikes me most in this litany of invective is this line:

"but isn't he the DiCaprio who votes for Barack Hussein Obama,"

Coming from an Arab admirer
of Leonardo Dicaprio, disappointed that someone who voted for Obama might convert to Judaism and even marry a Jewess.

Hebrew source: Here (if I feel in the mood later I'll try to translate the comments. Some of them are pretty funny and not all of them are so dumb and hateful. For example, Nassim says: I wish I were Jewish. I would marry her on the spot. And Pirate responds: Me, too. That girl is worth any price!. Abu el Abd says: Of course he will convert. He is weak and needy and wants a future in the film world which is 100% dominated by Jews. Honestly, there are American girls a million times more beautiful than her, but this is a world of interests...

(Update) More translated comments:

Mahdi: This kind of information does not at all serve the Arab nation and I don't understand what's the purpose in publishing it.

Arab Egyptian woman: For sure Raffaeli's father wants to improve the Jewish race.

Another Arab reader responds to the above: What improvement? She is much more beautiful than you...

Muhammad Alkhaldi says: The Jews have been employing this method for generations, to attract men from other religions to Judaism. The Jews need the sex trade in the Occupied territories, too, to attract the Arab youth....It's their policy to use sex...

"Xenophobic Egyptian woman" writes: We Muslims miss nothing if this Capris moves to another religion, Jewish, or even Buddhist. May you prosper in your new religion and your beautiful Jewess. You are all thieves and robbers anyway, sweetheart, and it doesn't matter if you are an American, Catholic or Protestant, American or American Jew. You steal the dreams from poor people... America is the illegitimate father of the Zionist Entity. Maybe we'll get rid of you both, Amen.

Arab Historian: Give half your income to Israel, so it can buy itself a phosphorous bomb, or you'll get to divorce and then you'll have to pay half anyway... haven't they done the same with Clinton and anyone who holds a senior position in the US? They (Jews) are strange being with strange needs which are not acceptable to normal human beings...

This is more than enough to figure out what the general mood is. I think.


I don't suppose you remember the vicious Guardian article condemning Paul McCartney for giving a concert to Israelis in Tel Aviv?

Here is a reminder:

The only worse kind of atrocity by McCartney would be: "What next - an appearance in bin Laden's next cave video."?

... what could possibly cause such moral blindness in the British icon? .. a Jewess!

"Now he has a Jewish girlfriend, the glamorous Nancy Shevell, he's suddenly playing concerts in Israel and 'finding out for myself what the situation is'."



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