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(via: The Iconoclast)

A Muslim peer has claimed that student societies are recruiting young British Jews to join the Israeli army. They fought, he said, in last month’s Gaza conflict and should be prosecuted for war crimes on their return to this country. [-]

“I definitely think if there’s evidence then they should be prosecuted here for war crimes when they return. God willing I will pursue it. Regardless of what community they are from, if they have broken international law they should be prosecuted.”...

Lord Ahmed's phony appeal to international law should be obvious. He treats international law in a manner described here by Norm: "At the same time, within some sectors of opinion that regularly appeal to international law, a weakness is clearly visible. It consists of treating international law as a mere convenience, one by reference to which you condemn breaches of the law but only when it suits your political purpose to do so, and overlook other breaches even though these stand smack bang on the same terrain as the ones you're condemning."

By the same token, any British soldier serving in Iraq or Afghanistan would have to be prosecuted upon their return to British soil for war crimes. After all, were they not involved in battles, either by direct participation, or support, in which civilians were killed? Is the killing of civilians during battle only a war crime when Israel is involved but not so when NATO members do the fighting?

Would George Orwell be eligible
for prosecution for war crimes upon his return from his participation in the Spanish Civil War, where many civilians were killed by both sides?

Can you see the problem? Why is Lord Ahmed so exercised about only young British Jews volunteering in Israel?

More about the Lord, the Interview and his extraordinary claims, here:

"This is why Baroness Tongue asked the question about the number of British youth who go to religious Jewish schools and also the kibbutz. In this case, it is a double standard to allow young British citizens of whatever religion, who go to religious schools and then get involved in armed conflicts and join a terrorist state.

So a kibbutz is a Jewish madrasah?"


At 2:36 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In answer to your querry, yes, it seems that NATO countries soldiers are prime targets for War Crimes prosecutions....but somehow the nasty folks they are fighting are never mentioned for prosecution.


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