Monday, February 23, 2009

Impressions of Oscars and Kate

Kate Winslet in an unguarded moment reveals a Hollywood secret: how to plan to win an Oscar.

I like Kate Winslet. She is a thoughtful actress and is not afraid to show that she has real breasts, I mean, they sag as most breasts do, when they are not pumped with silicone.

But yesterday there was something too artificial about her. Her face reminded me of Julie Andrews in her more rigid moments. She was too perfectly coiffed, tense and her smile seemed forced.

I only watched parts of the evening. I noticed that the women seems to favour Grecian style dresses and simple hairdos. I guess it has something to so with the recession. But what exactly I can't tell. The dresses and those "simple" hairdos would still cost small fortunes. It takes a lot of money to create an appearance of modesty, doesn't it?


At 9:46 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that Hollywood likes to pat itself on the back for its progressive politics and making movies that influence people in such ways as accepting and expanding social norms and ripping down taboos or just more mundane accceptance. I know I didnt state that clearly, but for instance in interacial relationships and powerful women, black Presidents and things of this nature.

But as soon as someone becomes critical it it for the influence it has on society with the promotion of violence and teenage promiscuity, then these same folks who pat themselves on the back at the Oscars for their good deeds suddenly disclaim any connection.

Funny that.


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