Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Jihadist's Valentine

"More than 1330 of Islamist fighters had entered Palestine, and will be the abductions of a number of prominent persons and killed a number of them if there is no lifting of the blockade and open the crossings during the week of 5/1/2009"

I found this message in my email inbox, sent to me, directly. The sender knows my private email, not the one I use for this blog.

The message came from "Al-qsaam" and contains this email address:

A check upon its IP address:

points to Springfield Gardens, in NY

I googled the sender's name and found this website

and this:

I googled the email address and found this: an account for someone calling himself "Ramin Firooz"

Googling the name, I came to this website and from there, to this website.

The message was conveyed in English, Arabic (or Farsi) and extremely bad Hebrew, and concluded with the following flourish:

It is a jihad, victory or martyrdom


If anyone can shed some light on this message or its sender, or have an idea what I'm supposed to do with it, I'll appreciate the help.


Update: Another email arrived, this time from "youth of Islam", in which a mixture of grievances, dire threats and a job proposal are listed. Here it is:

The end of Israel
* Israel to steal Palestine in 1948, so the Palestine for the Muslims
* The state of Israel will come out or die because they do not want peace
* all the Muslims for solidarity with our Muslim brothers in Palestine
* Israelā€˜s army killed the children and returned defeated, and the role of Muslims came to drink the blood of the Jews
* Infiltration of more than 1330 fighters to the State of Israel, and said they would kidnap and kill some of the leaders of Israel if it does not lift the blockade and open border crossings and stop firing as soon as
* Jews kill children and women, why not fight them?
* Because the Muslims love death, many Muslims will go to Palestine to fight
Israel will die, die of Israel, because they want to live in Muslim countries
* It has become clear the weakness of the State of Israel, it is a house spider
* Rocket will fall on your head at any time
* Finally, do you work with us spy on Israel and guarantee you a high return for financial



This article was published in Hebrew in Ynet, and repeats most of the details I described in my post. Apparently, many Israelis living abroad received these emails to their private email addresses, the same as I did.


Update III:

According to my Statscounter, someone with an IP from the

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Toronto

paid a visit to my blog. I wonder if there is some sort of an investigation going on about these emails.


At 6:59 PM EST, Blogger Unknown said...

just go tthe same mail.... mah hasipur?

At 8:29 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same here. Would help if someone here could translate this guy's web page. Maybe there's something interesting there...

At 1:17 PM EST, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Hmm... you do get to know some wonderful folks. Well, may be they are not necessarily full of wonder, but surely full of something...

At 6:09 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those who got this email - did you register this email address with ynet?
I received this email to a mailbox only ynet has (I have a mailbox per contact). This means that either ynet servers were broken into (or a 3rd party but unlikely), or this is a ynet-generated email for some unknown purpose.
I am also surprised I cannot find any information about this in any other Israeli news website.

At 7:01 PM EST, Blogger Unknown said...

ynet makes sense in my case..

At 8:40 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive gotten several emails that I did not open or read excepting for the titles....during the recent unpleasantness....that seem to be from the titles only looking for donations.


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