Sunday, February 01, 2009

More Arab histrionics: Syrian discombobulation

This would be funny, if it weren't frightening
: Syria's media complaining about the UN:

"Have you new proposals for making allegations, or would you like some tips? How about accusing Syria of delaying the rainy season, controlling the Gaza-Sinai tunnels, or failing to demarcate the border between the two Koreas? [Why not] also hold Syria responsible for the world economic crisis, the expansion of the hole in the ozone, and the increase in poverty? After all, [isn't it already claimed that Syria] is subsidizing global terror?

"Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, you are a pitiable wretch, with no acting talent - because acting requires sincerity, while you have no idea what that is.

"And, by the way, has Mr. Terje Roed Larsen told you how much the Hariri family paid him for twisting the facts in his reports and violating his conscience? But then again, maybe, like you, he has no conscience."

Poor, maligned, innocent, retiring, timid and self-sufficient Syria...


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