Monday, March 16, 2009

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Sign of the time:
A sign in Cafe Crema in New Cross, UK:

"We do not use any Israeli products. We are not anti-semitic but anti-fascist. Jews are as welcome here as anyone else."

My comment:

1. About that non use of Israeli products, how can I be sure? How can I be certain that the person who made my sandwich did not eat an Israeli orange just before coming to work? How do I know the barrista did not take a pill made in Israel? How can I be sure that the computerised cash register does not include an Israeli developed and manufactured component?

If we are talking moral purification, let's have it all the way to its logical end, shall we?

2. How far a leap it is from this, not at all well-intentioned, statement to this: No patrons allowed who use, have used (for the last 6 hours, two days, or ever) or intend to use, Israeli products?

3. And how would all you broad-minded people feel if instead of: "Jews are as welcome here as anyone else.", the sign would further elaborate: Jews and dogs are as welcome here as anyone else.


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