Friday, April 10, 2009

Apparently, this is not a joke:

See here

Johannesburg - A mysterious campaign which states that the current skirt length of the majority of ladies restroom signs is too short, is attracting widespread interest, with people wondering who is behind it.

A half page advertisement for the so-called National Skirt Extension Project (NSEP) appeared in the Sunday Times over the weekend.

On its website,, the NSEP says that after extensive consultation, it has reached the conclusion that skirt lengths on the images on toilet doors are too short.

The website does not say who conducted the consultation process or who was interviewed, but does go on to say that, from now on, a new image with a longer dress should appear on toilet entrances.[-]

The Pretoria company which runs the website on behalf of those in charge of the campaign, is also not allowed to identify their client.

The website even suggests a sticker with the new skirt length to be added to the images with short shirts, where new, longer skirted images have not yet replaced old ones.

According to the website, all owners of public restrooms will in future be forced to install images with longer skirts.


At 7:01 AM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

An Orthodox Jooish conspiracy?


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