Friday, April 03, 2009

Chas Freeman's Crow Song

Iranian Press TV, according to wikipedia: " is an English language international television news channel which is funded by the Iranian government, based in Tehran and broadcast in English"

Some of its infamous "journalists" we can count
George Galloway, Yvonne Ridley, Tariq Ramadan, Lauren Booth.

It published an article by the British science historian Nicholas Kollerstrom, a Holocaust denier who once wrote:

'Let us hope the schoolchildren visitors are properly taught about the elegant swimming pool at Auschwitz, built by the inmates, who would sunbathe there on Saturday and Sunday afternoons while watching the water polo matches,' he said of the Nazi genocide. 'Let's hope they are shown postcards written from Auschwitz, where the postman would collect the mail twice weekly.'

Even the British newspaper The Guardian noted that "Press TV's website once included an article asserting that the Holocaust was 'scientifically impossible".

On this media outlet of dubious ethics and even more dubious agenda, we recently saw a familiar name, Chas Freeman:

"I was obviously disappointed that I didn't have support from the White House. But as I understand the way this administration works I shouldn't have been surprised," Chas Freeman said in an interview with an Iranian international news network headquartered in Teheran. Freeman also said, "I don't see how Israel can continue to survive in the long term as a state in the Middle East if it is not prepared to deal with respect and consideration with its Arab neighbors specially the Palestinians." Predictions that Israel cannot survive are common on Iranian TV.

And he still wonders why he did not have the support of the White House.

Freeman is well known for his support for and faith in the Mearsheimer&Walt new era "Protocols of Elders of Zion", aka "The Israel Lobby". It is strange that he can easily embrace this theory of an all-powerful lobby playing puppet master to the poor deluded American administration, even as he has no problem appearing on a TV channel which is known to have embraced Holocaust denial. Someone should ask him about his choice of ventilation forum and what it says about his own position and inclinations. Everything suspected of him during his short nomination has been proved correct, and more than correct.


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