Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pogroms and Death Camps

On Sign and Sight website:

Frankfurter Rundschau 23.06.2009

The author Isabel Fonseca reports on the scandalous treatment of the Roma in East Europe (also Italy), but primarily in Kosovo. Ten years ago when the Roma were driven out of their settlement areas by "ethnic Albanians", the UN refugee commission put them up in provisional camps, which just happened to be next to an old lead mine. They are still living- or rather dying - there today. "Ten years after the UN took over Kosovo, and after a series of unnatural deaths, miscarriages and countless newborn babies suffering from chronic brain damage (over half of the Roma living in the camp are under 10, every child born in the camp has some form of brain damage) there are no more than 700 Roma left. In 2007 the UN cancelled all medical supplies for cases of poisoning" and it has done nothing to get the Roma out of the death camp.

The anti-Roma plague does not remain on the Balkan outskirts of Europe. It can be found in different shape in such a place as Belfast, as we can see here:

One house in Belgravia Avenue was attacked by crowds of up to 15 on three separate nights, with police response times being hours later, and in one case, lunchtime the next day. The police have been heavily criticised for their failure to respond to the numerous calls the family and concerned residents had placed. The residents have since abandoned the house. Families at two other houses on Wellesley park and Wellington Park had also been targetted, with reports of one house being threatened with a gun, that family had also chosen not to stay in its house last night. The crowds that had gathered to attack the houses have been reported to have been posting literature containing passages from Hitler's Mein Kampf.


At 3:20 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

I have to admit, Im not a fan of the Roma.

Dont forget Bertrand Russells fallacy.

Here in the US they are famous for slipping on grocery store floors and bilking the elderly out of their money fraudulently.

At 5:46 PM EDT, Anonymous Noga said...

NWO, I don't think you quite understand that anybody's fundamental rights to live and live securely have nothing to do with whether other people like them or not.

At 1:40 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Actually I do, understand that.

I still have the right to not like a group of people or their culture or aspects of their culture. Perhaps its you who dont understand that.

Celebrating diversity?



Anyways the Italians had every right to expel the Roma squatters out of their country.

I give the EU 10-15 years before a complete meltdown.

At 4:22 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Lets take 2 examples.

Primitive African tribal cultures, arent necessary to respect and treasure. They are backwards and lead to many of African socieities problems.

That blacks in African countries have a much higher incarceration rate is not a crime against humanity.

The black cultures which produc the South African rape epidemic are not to be cherished and made space for, they are to be persecuted via the justice system....and heavily criticized.


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