Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Pray that God will accept my martyrdom."

From The Iconoclast, comes this report of the Mumbai killers as they were recorded during their murder spree:

At the other end of the line, 500 miles away, Akasha, a 25-year-old Pakistani, is squatting on the floor inside a besieged building in the centre of Mumbai with a murdered rabbi's mobile phone in one hand and a Kalashnikov in the other. He knows with complete certainty that this will be his last night on Earth. For his mission to be a success, he must be killed.

The two women hostages are on a bed nearby, trussed up and blindfolded. Another gunman, Umer, is dozing.

Now Wasi comes back on the phone. His manner is warm and paternal - the kind of calm, commanding voice you instinctively trust.

Wasi: 'Listen up...'

Akasha: 'Yes sir.' Akasha speaks in a gentle, dopey murmur. He sounds exhausted.

Wasi: 'Just shoot them now. Get rid of them. Because you could come under fire at any time and you'll only end up leaving them behind.'

Akasha: 'Everything's quiet here for now.'

Wasi: 'Shoot them in the back of the head.'

Akasha: 'Sure. Just as soon as we come under fire.'

Wasi: 'No. Don't wait any longer. You never know when you might come under attack.'

Akasha: 'Insh'Allah' (God willing).

Wasi: 'I'll stay on the line.'

The whole thing is here, including the deed itself.


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