Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Field of vision

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode "The Shoes" in which George is caught leering in the direction of a young woman's appealing cleavage? It nearly costs him and Jerry the chance of a pilot, since the leeree was none other than the producer's teenage daughter.

MOLLY: Daddy? Are you okay?

RUSSELL (from bathroom): Yeah, sweetie. I'm fine.

Molly takes her jacket off. Jerry nudges George to sneak a peek at Molly's cleavage as she bends over and looks in her backpack. Jerry has a quick look, but George stares, hypnotized. Russell comes up behind George.

RUSSELL (angrily): Get a good look, Costanza?

Later in Jerry's apartment.

JERRY: What were you doing?

GEORGE: Well, it's not my fault. You poked me!

JERRY: You're supposed to just take a peek after a poke. You were like you just put a quarter into one of those big metal things on top of the Empire State Building.

GEORGE: It's cleavage. I couldn't look away. What am I, waiting to win an Oscar here? This is all I have in my life.

JERRY: Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun, you don't stare at it. It's too risky. You get a sense of it and then you look away.

GEORGE: All right. So, he caught me in a cleavage peek, so big deal. Who wouldn't look at his daughter's cleavage? She's got nice cleavage.

JERRY: That's why I poked.

GEORGE: That's why I peeked.

A few days later:

JERRY: You know, it's a funny thing, because after the pilot got cancelled, we hadn't heard from you.

GEORGE: Didn't hear anything...

JERRY: Didn't know...we were wondering...what happened.

RUSSELL: It just didn't seem to be the right project for us right now.

So, what were you saying?

GEORGE: Oh...uh, because if it had anything at all to do with what you perceived as me leering at your daughter, I really have to take issue with that. I did not leer. Did I leer?

JERRY: No leer.

ELAINE (to Russell): Excuse me, are you using that ketchup?

RUSSELL (not noticing Elaine's cleavage): Uh, no.

GEORGE: Because, if I'm looking straight ahead, and something enters my field of vision, that's merely a happenstance.

RUSSELL: Under the circumstances, I don't really feel that we should be in business together.

ELAINE: Here's your ketchup back. You know, I had the hardest time trying to get some out. I mean, I just kept pounding and pounding on the bottom of it. Do you have any trouble?

RUSSELL (still not noticing Elaine's cleavage): No.

ELAINE (leaning forward): Do you have a...ketchup secret?

RUSSELL: No, I... ...don't have a ketchup secret.

ELAINE (flirtatiously): Because if you do have a ketchup secret, I would really, really like to know what it is.

RUSSELL (to Jerry and George, reconsidering about the pilot): Field of vision, huh?

This is what brought that episode to my mind:

"Manolo says,
the American and French
share the matters of mutual interest.

Poor Obama, who did not have the presence of mind to look away immediately. No one minds Sarkozy's appreciative grin, but Obama's fleeting admiration was made much of. After all, this sort of thing is expected from a French guy. But woe to the American President should he get caught ogling.

I Actually find his weakness for the female attractions quite endearing. Of course it happened exactly as George described and he is not to be faulted
if something entered his field of vision at an opportune moment ... merely a happenstance.


At 9:42 AM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Weakness? It is not a weakness, I submit. Just instinctive behavior, same as a frog's eyes following a moth in flight. Cannot be helped.

At 11:40 AM EDT, Blogger bob said...

Noga, I thought of you when I read this: normblog: Soft-shoe shuffle


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