Monday, September 21, 2009

HRW's Zionist Credentials

Saudi Jeans cannot figure out why Israelis think that HRW is “maniacally anti-Israel”:

Few weeks ago, when Human Rights Watch criticized Saudi Arabia for detaining thousands of terror suspects without charge or trial, he came out saying he has strong evidence that HRW is a zionist organization, because according to him they overlook Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians. Well, Israelis think that HRW is “maniacally anti-Israel” because the organization have recently done some fund rising efforts in Saudi Arabia. Go figure.

I tried to provide an explanation, but I wouldn't count on anyone reading that blog trying to see the sense of it.

I have a theory. Is it possible that HRW periodically publishes routine lengthy anti-Israeli rants in the form of "Human rights" abuses "reports" in order to be able to criticize Saudi atrocities? Is this methodology a sort of Mephistophelean transaction, that would allow HRW to actually do some good in the darker parts of the world? And should Israel give a damn about the goals of HRW's satanic deals with itself in the service of a more equitable universal justice?


At 10:49 PM EDT, Anonymous Migreli said...

Interesting theory, but on reflection it doesn't hold, I'm afraid.

If HRW were consciously trying to effect an Israeli/Saudi "trade", then they could do so without any of the deceit and polemics that they engage in when "criticizing" Israel. They would then actually be doing some good, on both sides. But their primary motive is to smear and libel Israel, and by this means to provide sympathy and justification for anti-Israeli "armed struggle".


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