Friday, November 06, 2009

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@ Simply Lujayn: ("Forgive us our intolerance")

My comment (in case it is deleted; Arab blogs are notoriously intolerant of any opinion that does not flatter them):

"if we, today, announce that all arab jews are welcome back home, where they'll be given absolute guarantees to euqality and freedom of harassment, and where their properties will be given back to them with the accumulating interest and government support to restore them and run them; how many of them you think will opt to come back?"

Somehow I don't see Syria in the role of any promised land any time soon, or ever. Frankly, if you had a choice between living in your country, a dictatorship whose citizens depend on the good graces of its ruler and his sycophants, where you can't even rely on a steady supply of electric power 24/7, and in Israel, a democracy in which the citizens actually get to control their own life, prosperity and the future of their children, where would you prefer to live?

Here is an example of what Israel is like:

And here is what I hear about your country:

"We are living in a garbage dump and the shit is getting higher."


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