Sunday, December 06, 2009

Minaret Ban (It's the Joos what did it...)

I have been wondering how the results of the Swiss referendum which came down on the side opposing the erection of minarets in Switzerland, would somehow be attributed to Jews. And sure enough, the link was made, and not a moment too soon, by that venerable quintessential European Muslim, Tariq Ramadan in a Guardian article:

"There are only four minarets in Switzerland, so why is it that it is there that this initiative has been launched? My country, like many in Europe, is facing a national reaction to the new visibility of European Muslims. The minarets are but a pretext – the UDC wanted first to launch a campaign against the traditional Islamic methods of slaughtering animals but were afraid of testing the sensitivity of Swiss Jews, and instead turned their sights on the minaret as a suitable symbol."


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