Saturday, January 23, 2010

@ Buj al Arab, in a liberal mindset, laments humbly and softly about Saudi segregationist policies in Mecca:

What does this say about Muslims and Islam? We have something to hide? Of course so! I've been to the Vatican and La Sagrada Famiglia and probably a hundred churches and a few synagogues too. They don't ask for your faith, but for your respect.

In the comments, however, he reveals his more reactionary inclinations and superstitions. I mean the need to insert the standard Arab-Muslim paranoia even when he intends to say something positive about synagogues.

"i was frisked by an ex mossad guy.."

I couldn't help but drop a comment in response to Buj, who presents Islam as "flexible and ... attacked since it was born".

Here is the comment:

Very curious. How did you know he was a an ex-Mossad guy? Why would an Ex-Mossad guy work as a security guard at some synagogue? It's like you expect ex-CIA agents to work as guards at a shopping mall in downtown Montana. You guys sure have some freaky hallucinations about the Mossad.

Even more curious I find your consistent avoidance of the obvious term you should apply to Saudi segregationist society: Apartheid.

You can check our buj's answer here.


Parked comments (Comments I submitted to said thread which as yet have not been published; Buj may try to keep up an appearance of liberality but in fact he suffers from a severe case of veritasphobia:)

Yes well whatever...


"I made up the ex-mossad guy up,"

As you make up a lot of other stuff, I presume, such as your novel interpretation for "Mea culpa".

In the judicial system, a judge instructs the jury that if a witness is caught in a lie, it is up to the jury to decide whether that witness is trustworthy or whether to dismiss his/her entire testimony altogether.

Since you say things here that by your own admission are "made up" I guess it is a measure of your readers' credulity or ethical standards as to whether they should believe anything you write.


At 4:22 PM EST, Blogger ModernityBlog said...

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This is a clear freedom of speech issue, the police should not be used to intimidate bloggers.

I urge you to publicise this issue and support Seismic Shock, as “I too am Seismic Shock”

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At 9:33 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think its the wrong word.

the right word would be "follow the rules or get deported."

segregation happens in places were races mix, not in places where races dont mix. For example a man is not allowed in a womens shop and vis-versa.
thats natural segregation.

So non-muslims could take the right hand road or leave saudia arabia if they dont like it. simple as that.

there are tens of arab countries that were colonized by the eaters of swines that are very tolerant to tourists. as for mecca and medina they are served by al-saud and thanks god they have the capability to serve the millions of piligremers coming by plane or trains or ships and can find better facilities than in their home countries....without the need of couroius tourism (as opposed to religous tourism).

mecca and medina are the "largest humen congresses " in the world already without tourists. real-estate prices are in par with new york and london there. ( last ten days of ramadan and hajj season appartment rents can reach tens of thousands of dollars).


At 9:36 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

since that day.........pilgrims never suffered.....and the death of poverty was declared. thanks god.


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