Saturday, January 02, 2010

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@ Dubai Jazz

Update: Said blogger has taken a lurid turn from his expressed admiration to a Holocaust survivor (a misnomer) to speaking of masturbation and hard-ons... A weird, though not totally unexpected devolution, considering his obsession with sex in unlikely scenarios . I guess he believes he is being original and nonchalant, a right hip kind of guy, speaking to a certain gallery. The conversation is rather instructive and I recommend reading it. He is, let me remind my reader, a passionate supporter of Palestinian rights and quite a believer in justice for all (Arabs).

@ Mick Hartley's

@ The Spine

@ Terry Glavin's


At 8:35 PM EST, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Hey Noga, Happy New Year!

I was trying to remember a site that I came across via your postings and links. Sight and Sound Magazine or something snappy like that, which has a rolling coverage of magazine articles and stuff. Do you know what I am trying to describe. It was an interesting link, and I seem to have misplaced it, or not quite remembered it.

Thanks for the moment of your time, to assist me with this.


At 8:49 AM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

At 6:38 PM EST, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

That's it! Thanks a bunch!

At 1:18 AM EST, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Hey Noga,

I started a new political discussion forum. Inviting you over. Its just getting started so its a bit slow. Would love to see you over there.



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