Sunday, January 17, 2010

Israel's Rescue Mission in Haiti

Israel sent an IDF rescue delegation that constructed "a field hospital in the disaster area that will include 220 personnel, among them Home Front Command rescue teams and IDF Medical Corps teams."

At the end of the first day, the Israeli mission had some successes:

Doctor Shir Dar, who works at Hadassah Ein-Karem, delivered the first healthy baby in the Israeli hospital. [-]

Israel's rescue personnel are also focusing on locating survivors still trapped in the ruins of buildings. One of the Israeli search and rescue teams on Saturday freed 69-year-old France Gilles. "We told him we were from Israel and he asked if we were mocking him," a member of the delegation said. [-]

At another site Israelis spoke with a trapped man, seemingly the only survivor after a building collapsed. Following several hours of excavation, rescuers had succeeded in providing him with fluids intravenously and hoped to extricate him within a few hours...

"We have already removed most of the piping and have managed to attach intravenous drips to his torso. As far as we are concerned, as soon as the drips are attached we can proceed smoothly. Now we need to remove the debris from around his legs. Then we should be able to pull him free." [-] (Ha'aretz)

Also, about 100 patients have been treated, including surgeries on children suffering from serious orthopaedic injuries which had been neglected for a few days. (Source in Hebrew)


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