Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's Wrong with Heidegger?

Mick Hartley is a favourite blogger of mine. He speaks succinctly and delivers short encapsulated observations* that clarify without further confusing.

Here he writes about Heidegger and if you ever felt uneasy about that philosopher but were too pusillanimous to admit it or understand exactly why, take this tablet and be relieved:

[Heidegger] may have been a bad philosopher, but he's still a philosopher. The point about Heidegger, surely, is not that he leads straight to Nazism, but that he's the godfather of the whole anti-enlightenment obfuscatory tradition of late 20th Century post-modernist thinking, and it's as well to be reminded on occasion of its totalitarian and anti-humanist roots.


* Ex.
There should be a law - I'll call it Hartley's Law - that ignorance expands to fill the space available.


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