Friday, February 05, 2010

Conspiracies you might want to know about:

Some Canadians feel besieged after receiving a letter from an organization called "Friends of the CBC" in which the receiver is made privy to confidential information that the CBC is secretly under attack by the Conservative Government. The reason for the secret attack is that the conservative government has gotten wise to the fact that there are "nests of liberals in the CBC". The letter, apparently, did not include any details as to how exactly the secret attack upon the CBC is being waged. However, the absence of substance did not inconvenience my source from speculating, confidently, that the Conservative government will probably try to starve the CBC to death by cutting its funding and maybe forcing CBC radio to do commercials "which would completely ruin it."

Logical conclusion that flows directly from the above reported information:

The world is becoming less tolerant and the rightists are winning!

As new revelations of the conspiracy to curtail and end freedom of the media in Canada come to light, under the watchful eye of the non existent "Friends of the CBC" organization, they will be posted here.


Googling for verification of this conspiracy yielded only one comment made in 2006 by NDP MP Pat Martin in which he was actually scolding CBC thoughtlessness in spending the public money entrusted to it.


At 11:18 AM EST, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

You can really get a sense of how the typical Leftwinger thinks there. And its downright scary, isnt it?

Howard Zinn, the great American historian.

That thread pretty much sums up the average Leftwinger in the US.


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