Monday, February 01, 2010

Selective Threats

Via: Islam in Europe

If you watch this very short video clip played in this link, you may hear a very short dialogue, that goes like this:

An adult voice asks the child:

"What do you do with the weapon?"

And continues by way of instructing the child:

"I want to kill the infidels [non-believers]."

And then follows up with:

"You want to kill the Jews?"

The child, finally getting hold of the gun, says excitedly:

"Weapon, weapon.."

In the BBC report that follows, you will find they quote the first part of this very short dialogue:

"What do you do with the weapon?"

He answers his own question: "I want to kill the infidels [non-believers]."

One may well wonder why the editor saw fit to quote only that part of the dialogue. Maybe space constraints?

There was hardly any evidence for such a need when the report quotes this:

Anjum Anwar MBE, who works for the church as a community dialogue development officer, said the film must not be used to implicate the rest of the Muslim world.

Most of the Muslim community do not bring up their children in that way, she said.

Perhaps the BBC editor, ever mindful of Muslim sensibilities, was worried that reproducing the full quote might tarnish the rest of the Muslim world with the suspicion that Islam preaches eliminationist antisemitism. Which would be a real slanderous accusation.


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