Sunday, April 18, 2010

The memory of a goldfish

Abravanel is a blog about the Jews of Greece. I have a special interest in the subject because my father-in-law, whose story I mention here, was Greek.

In this post
he talks about the shortness of Greek memory and the real historical reason why there are so many streets in Greece named "Palestine Street":

"Cephalonia may not have forgotten but some deem that gratitude may have an expiration date, but ungratefulness never. I am talking about Dionisis Georgopoulos, president of the Teachers association of Cephalonia-Ithaca which asks to “Rename Israel Street in Argostòli in Palestine Street”.

Somebody might ask what do I care: that’s where the memory of a goldfish comes in, which I mentioned in the beginning and the abysmal ignorance which exists for the recent past of our country.

“Palestine Street(s)” already exist and in quantity in our country, Greece. We have them in Volos, in Athens, in Larisa and in other cities. We also had one in Salonica in the Hirch Quartier but the Municipality of Salonica erased all jewish names from the streets in 1943, taking advantage of the opportunity that his undesirable Jewish citizens were murdered in Auschwitz and refused to restore them after the war.

The unsuspecting wayfarer may think that these are the material proof of the muslim-friendly sentiments of our country but alas, they do not know these are the expression of the unadulterated philo-zionism in Greece. Greece philo-zionist and unadulteratedly on top ? Let’s make a small trip into the history of “Palestine Street”."

The rest is here (scroll down for the English version).


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