Thursday, June 17, 2010

Decoy Jews

Via Islam in Europe:

"If it would be up to Ahmed Marcouch, violence against Jews would be handled by sending in so-called 'decoy Jews'.

This article was prepared by the Islam in Europe blog -

The PvdA parliament member responded on BNR Nieuwsradio to reports that Jews in some Amsterdam neighborhoods don't dare go out with a kippah.

Marcouch said the problem was serious and unacceptable. He wants the police to act decisively against perpetrators of antisemitic violence. "I think that you should do everything to get those bastards, those tormentors, those criminals."

So what's a "decoy Jew", asks one commenter.

The question immediately brought to mind a scene in "Witness". John Book (Harrison Ford), a hardened and tough police investigator pretending to be an Amish, beats up on the thugs who, under a false sense of impunity, had been taunting his Amish benefactors. "You are making a big mistake", says Book, quietly.


At 11:14 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

On PVV and Geert Wilders...

On May 20, before the elections, Izz Ad-Din Ruhulessin, a Muslim columnist for the [left-wing] newspaper De Volkskrant, wrote (translated excerpt):
- - - - - - - - -
It is up to the Dutch people: Do not recognize a government with Wilders, not in word nor deed. Say: “I do not recognize this government as legitimate representative of the people.” Strike. Demonstrate. Barricade. Occupy. Do not collaborate. A political crisis will result. But that’s just the price to be paid, if one really wants to take a stand for the Muslims. […] The Muslims will at least have clarity about their position in the Netherlands. Once and for all know we will who our friends are and who our enemies are. Those who accept the legitimacy of a government that includes the Party for Freedom are our enemies. The upcoming formation [of a coalition government] will be a historical one. […] Wilders and the Party for Freedom cannot and must not be tolerated under the guise of “he is just democratically elected” and other fallacies. Being democratically elected does not automatically mean they are legitimate or morally just. Even democratically elected governments can act outside the democratic ethic. Nip the PVV in the bud while you can, because prevention is better than a cure. Thinking that the horrors of history cannot repeat themselves in a “civilized country” such as the Netherlands is dangerous, naïve, and foolish.

On June 2 [excerpt], from De Volkskrant:

If we really want to accomplish anything in this discussion, than the traditional concepts should be resolutely rejected. Nearly nine million natives must be re-educated; and learn that they are not in the position to demand, or expect, of other ethnic groups, but to adapt to them.“


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