Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unexpected New European Voices

It's a meagre yield, considering the tsunami of world condemnations, but of high quality. Most of the noise we have been hearing from the various organs condemning Israel cannot stand the test of close scrutiny of facts, records and evidence. At least in these two pieces, one an opinion editorial, the other an investigative report, the signal is clear and stands out.

José María Aznar, former Spanish Prime Minister: In an ideal world, the assault by Israeli commandos on the Mavi Marmara would not have ended up with nine dead and a score wounded. In an ideal world, the soldiers would have been peacefully welcomed on to the ship. In an ideal world, no state, let alone a recent ally of Israel such as Turkey, would have sponsored and organised a flotilla whose sole purpose was to create an impossible situation for Israel: making it choose between giving up its security policy and the naval blockade, or risking the wrath of the world.

German TV Report on the flotilla's pseudo peace activists


At 11:07 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Spain has quite a recent history with illegal alien flotilla's, check into it.

They militarized the 2 areas/cities on the coast of Northern Africa which are Spanish territory, and killed would be invaders. Sank ships and so on and so forth.


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