Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Forgiving myself..

This week's horoscope offers this consolation prize after a week marked by devastating mistakes, and really screwing up a situation (I'm exaggerating but never mind, the point remains the same).

There's no one wiser, deeper, and more amazing than a Scorpio who's had a chance to really evolve (a process which usually takes several decades or more). Of course, the inverse is also true—no one's more likely to be cruel, make devastating mistakes, or just really screw up a situation than an "unripe" Scorpio. Of course, that's exactly what makes you so wonderful once you've circled the block a few dozen times. If you're still in the process of "ripening"—that is, still prone to occasionally being cruel or screwing up horribly—recognize that it's precisely these things that will make you so wise and wonderful late in life, and forgive yourself.


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