Friday, August 20, 2010

Three docementaries

1. Welcome to Gaza

2. Budrus

3. Flotilla to Gaza I

Flotilla to Gaza II


At 11:23 PM EDT, Blogger Dubai Jazz said...

eden abergil says hi.

would like some s&m play if you're interested.

At 1:16 AM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

If anyone finds the above comment cryptic let me explain: Dubai Jazz is a Syrian Arab who lives and blogs in English from Dubai. He is some sort of an architect and an aspiring author.

Here are some samples of his enlightened writings:

I like to drop in from time to time on his blog to see for myself what a moderate Muslim-Arab thinks and sounds like. One can also get some idea about the quality of that thinking from the comment DJ left here.

At 1:22 PM EDT, Anonymous Karen said...

I lol'd

Excellent writing, Dubaijazz

At 7:34 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it the definition of a Moderate Arab Muslim that one alleged MAM, DubaiJazz, can read words written by Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic without DJ going blind?

What leapt out from Goldberg's "The Point of No Return" to me was the Shi'a view of Jews as "the leprosy of creation".

Perhaps Dubai Jazz is a MAM Shi'a who believes...fill in the blank...



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