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Poor Rick Sanchez

More on Hitchens

@TNR: Mad Men

Is Don Draper the modern version of the Byronic Hero? (Note to self: Watch season 4 when you get the chance and read "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage" before jumping to conclusions)

@ Forward: Philologos on the struggle for authority in naming names

@ Bob's, in the comments : (I'm without speech...)

@ The Spine: The usual futile attempt to explain that antisemitism is not a legitimate criticism of Israeli policies

@ The Spine: Moratorium Shmoratorium


At 11:14 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Red Guard Harvard Students “Educate” Dr. Martin Peretz"
2010 September 27
Phyllis Chesler (no longer at PJM)

not that Kristof would ever dream of apologizing for anything, but his was the blow that brought out this unjustified venom.


At 1:06 AM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

I do have to agree that Edmund Standing is all over the place....and not coherently.

Though that can be forgiven, I guess, as people have their political comfort zones shaken up.

It used to be so simple, white Euro Christians were the overbearing oppressors, and everyone else was the good minority fighting the racist fascists for equal rights and power. The Capitalist Warmongers Maggie Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were the face of unadulterated evil.

At 4:56 PM EDT, Anonymous willjames said...

K2K, the video of Peretz being harassed by PC morons made me livid with rage. How sad that the "other side" never seems to be able to rally, so the streets belong to this mis-educated rabble. I guess that when it gets bad enough, something like Britain's EDL eventually manifests its presence as a countervailing force.

At 11:36 AM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

More about the frightening people that are being associated with EDL activities:


There must be a better way than this to countervail those PC morons. The fact is, the further the leftists go to the so-called Left the more they look like the traditional racist thugs in voked in Modernity's blogpost.

At 12:12 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peretz did not deserve this, but now he knows that what he writes does matter - the silver lining?

will join you back at The Spine soon- am truly transfixed by the New York elections, and the seven inches of rain expected today, the day after the mason poured concrete outside my garage...

Perhaps Sweden is the 'canary in the coalmine'? another 'no majority' election that hinges on the leftist embrace of Islamists?
"Sweden's Political Landscape
In Muslim Neighborhoods, Firemen and Emergency Workers Refuse to Enter Without Police Protection
by Soeren Kern
September 30, 2010 at 5:00 am


and, for something to help us re-imagine the geography of the world, by Joel Kotkin:

at least he sees the alignment of Sunni versus Shi'a...

CC: powerful new post (Gordis) - thank you.


At 12:20 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

renderings of new design by Soma Architects. ouch.

The sole debate in obscure places is whether this new facade design incorporates truncated Stars of David, which is what it looked like to me at first glance.

NYT interview with El-Gamal notes the total price tag is now $140 million; fails to note that Masjid Manhattan congregation two blocks north on Warren Street has already moved to new space (they bought five floors of the building without a peep of controversy) at 30 Cliff Street which is close to the Brooklyn Bridge - no need for them to share the GZM.


At 4:01 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Any group of Euro Christians that defends Western Civilization and individual Ethnic Nation States and Cultures, will be painted as Nazis and Fascists or likely Nazis and Fascists. This is merely the PC bigotry raising its ugly head.

At 11:22 AM EDT, Anonymous WillJames said...

Now, now, EV. PC bigotry? Either you didn't watch the videos that CC linked to, or you are a wolf in sheep's clothing. If body tattoos of swastikas and Nazi icons accompanied by out-stretched arm salutes don't indicate neo-Nazi sympathies, then what would?

What a dismal state of affairs when the main force actively resisting Islamization are the skinheads and soccer hooligans...

At 12:54 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

WillJames, there are no doubt Neo Nazis on the fringes, in support of the movement.

There is also the Jewish Division of the EDL. No doubt some will note this and declare the EDL a Zionist Conspiracy. While others call it a Neo Nazi Fascist movement.

What it really is a average English people, who have been abandoned by the political parties, who sneer at them with contempt, regarding their concerns...making their voices heard. Especially lower class indigenous white Englishmen, who bear the brunt of the negative consequences of mass immigration of Third Worlders and Muslims, as they cant move away to better neighborhoods, with better schools, and less immigrants.

At 10:41 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

There is also the well known tactic used by the Left to discredit groups that they dont like, inserting themselves into the rallies and marches and making racist and other incendiary remarks. They tried this with the Tea Partiers too.

Unfortunately the police and authorities are abdicating their responsibility to protect citizens rights, unwilling to face the lawfare of Leftists and minority groups for accusations of racism, etc... so it is coming to who can wield power on the streets.

The democratic institutions are failing the citizenry....the Left and it's gaggle of minority groups have turned them against the majority in this case indigenous peoples...in the name of diversity, equal rights, civil and human rights, which are really used in a demopathic manner to promote reverse discrimination and reverse colonization, the subjugation of the majority culture and peoples to the well being of "all Others."

It's going to explode, unless UKIP, Geert Wilders PVV, or the Nationalist Center Right Coalition of Denmark become the norm.

However the villification and demonization and cordon saintaires continue, as the Leftist Zeitgeist fights to retain power.


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