Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sighted on the Internet:

Having read parts of "Hitch22", I googled for some information about Hitchens and immediately came across this post on "Hitchens Watch". In the comment thread that follows the post, I encountered this exchange between HW regular poster FGFM and a commenter named Leo:

FGFM: What's your mom's number again?

Leo: She's dead now. But it was tattooed right there on her wrist. I'm shocked that I forgot.

FGFM: Would you mind terribly if I pissed on her grave the next time I'm in town?

Leo: She was cremated. I suppose better late than never, eh Nazi?

: Works for me!

I suppose better late than never, eh Nazi?

Not responsible

This, gentle reader, is the residual venom of Leftist trends that have been fancying themselves as "speaking truth to power". In fact, to call Hitchens Watch blog the voice of Indecent Left is to insult the decent Indecents who are still hallucinaring about being "anti-fascists, anti-imperialists" martyrs.


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