Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Brutality of the Israeli Occupation

A youtube vid, we are told, here,

"of a male Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldier belly dancing around and rubbing up against a bound and blindfolded female Palestinian prisoner has enraged Palestinians and Muslims the world over... all the while the IDF soldier is seen rubbing up against her and laughing whilst gyrating to Arabic music. "

Here is the dance, again.

"dancing around" is more or less what the soldier does. But the "rubbing up against her and laughing whilst gyrating" seems to be a fabrication of the article writer, that is not born out by what we see in the video itself. At no point does the soldier even touch the woman. In fact it is not even known yet whether it is a real video or a manufactured one.

But let's assume it is real.

Of course one might be rather critical of the bad taste displayed by the soldier in this act. What could he mean by it? The woman is handcuffed and blindfolded, so she can't see what he does. He never touches her. The music I presume is added after the fact. It hardly seems plausible that IDF soldiers patrol the streets of hostile Palestinian cities carrying cd players with Arab music on them on the off chance that they might arrest some woman and get to dance around her by way of intimidation or humiliation.

So why is this vid given such wide exposure in world media? We can understand why Palestinian Israel-demonization machines might wish to exploit this by exaggerating its content and inflaming the always ready to be inflamed Muslims around the world. But what could be the reason for networks like the BBC or CNN that they would even give a nod to this non-story? I mean, wouldn't a genuinely responsible editor ask at the very least some of questions I asked above? Seems to me that when it comes to showing Israel in a bad light, no piece of "news" is deemed too low, unreliable or silly not to be made into a major news story.



Tangentially relevant, by way of comparison:
Arab Men Should Sexually Harass Israeli Woman As Resistance


Update 2: Here is another example of Israeli brutality


At 3:23 PM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks for the link. Meanwhile, there is a new "scoop" of a similar kind... oh well...

At 12:38 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

alas, full access only in print.
Philip Gourevitch "Alms Dealers" scathing review using Linda Polman's "The Crisis Caravan: What's Wrong with Humanitarian Aid?" notes one of the many unintended consequences of humanitarian aid is how journalists, so dependent on aid workers, "come away with a distorted view of ..." the aid workers. No mention of Palestinians, but, add a dash of inner antisemitism, and it all fits with only seeing the "victims".

Gourevitch expands with other sources in a penetrating view of the humanitarian aid and human rights industries, accountable to no one.


At 6:21 PM EDT, Anonymous WillJames said...

Not only are they not accountable to anyone, but the HROs are the most trusted source of decency and morality that we have (apart from a few good blogs).

There was a wonderful article by England's chief Rabbi a couple of years back (that I have never been able to find again) which pointed out that in the age of religion the Jews were evil because they held defective views of God; in the age of science, they were inferior because of genetic and racial deficiencies; and now, in the age of global morality architected by the NGOs and HROs, Israel is blameworthy because she has absolutely respect for human rights or common decency.

Like a mutating virus...

At 7:56 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Tommy Robinson of the EDL speaks at rally in Leicester today...

At 12:55 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

willjames: perhaps the Age of HRO is ending? Surely there can not be that much surplus capital these days :)
As we enter the new Age of Murderous Thugs, perhaps Jews will be condemned for not staying on schedule to the endtimes?

Apologies for not thinking of a better name for the Age of History We Are Now Entering, but I let myself get annoyed by the NYT getting a twofer by being able to attack both gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino and the Ultra-Orthodox Jews of Borough Park, Brooklyn New York for homophobia. (Attack word for a new news cycle).

Benjamin Kerstein is an essayist I greatly admire, even more so since Noah Pollak disappeared into the Emergency Committe for Israel.
I did not notice this Kerstein post from three weeks ago, on that most infamous of Spineposts:

I note here that Peretz is now doing a bit more editing before hitting the enter key. But the thrill seems to be gone.

Perhaps Ahmadinejad will throw a stone too far this week (October 13?), and hit an Israeli.



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