Friday, October 29, 2010

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Comments trail: October 30 -November 7

Obama and Gandhi

@Buj the Arab blogger from Dubai still refuses to deal with simple facts *

@Z-word blog: UNRWA Shames Employee over RoR statement

Norway funding anti-Israel bloody minded propaganda in Syria

@ Pajama Media: Michael Totten on the UN discrediting itself yet again
(My comment)

@ Al-Arabyia: American Students schmoozing with Hezbollah
(Comment does not show up yet. The gist of it was to question one commenter's statement that: "02/11/2010Fred,did your zionist mind ever wonder maybe the Jews don't live in Lebanon because they have made it unsafe for themselves by invasion and occupation?" I wondered what statistics and verifiable records can be brought by said commenter to support such a statement. The Jews lived in Lebanon from Biblical times. So when did they invade and occupy it? )

@ Bob's: Kosovo-style social cleansing

Elections 2010

The mystery of the exploding packages addressed to synagogues

The Iranian who wouldn't shake hands with the Israeli champion

@ The Spine: Yemenite bombs

@ Nick Cohen: Jon Stewart's oxymoron ("American leftists have yet to learn that they cannot be a little bit liberal. They can't denounce the idiocy of Fox and ignore the idiocies of religion. Maybe they will never learn.") Update

Jews who are Ashamed of ashamed Jews: a story about Jewish shame and incurable stupidity

Ghouls & American foreign policies

About Obama ("It's not him, it's them") And related: Stewart and insanity

@ The Spine: Gaza blockade

Peace no peace


* Copy and paste from exchange (there is always the chance that, Buj being a sensitive soul that cannot stand to be challenged by verifiable facts, will delete)

The Contentious Centrist said...

"It's scary how many countries are listed there."

What the photos make clear is that the countries were many but most of protesters expressing hatred in such aggressive and scary manner are Arabs and Muslims.

Maybe they were protesting something else but Israel is a good venting valve for their frustrations. It conveniently deludes the natives that this hatred is not directed at them.

BuJ said...

hey good to see some proper haters come back here!

CC, i dunno why u even bother and give this weird barrage of "facts".

The UN report on human development index is for the whole country and not the minorities (from what i've read).

If Arabs were doing so well in Israel, why are you trying to enact new laws to screw them over every year? Arabs make 1 in 5 Israeli citizens, yet there are only 2 Arabs in the Knesset.... very exemplary.

Additional comments left there in response to buj's two statements dealt with his two statements in this comment (I'm recontructing them from memory):

1. "Arabs make 1 in 5 Israeli citizens, yet there are only 2 Arabs in the Knesset.... very exemplary."

As usual. buj is grossly misniformed:

2." If Arabs were doing so well in Israel, why are you trying to enact new laws to screw them over every year?"

What laws would those be? Can you cite such legislation and a reliable source from which you got the information?


At 5:50 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Orthodox Jews Burn New Testaments Given by Christian Missionaries in Israel,2933,356723,00.html

At 5:52 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Israeli settlers burn church in Jerusalem

At 6:55 PM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

At 8:19 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

In fact I know of no other group of people who so often announce their ashamedness to be who they are as Jews do --- from the link above

No other groups come to mind heh?

Like maybe the guilt ridden white European?

At 8:24 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

I knew you could provide some info on that Noga. Someone posted that up on another site. Ive posted the link you provided there.

Anyways, while trying to find information googling, I came across the New Testament burning.

Why wasnt there international outrage at burning New Testaments, like their was with Koran burnings, which has some Brits up on hate crimes charges and Pastor Terry Jones being excoriated by the State Dept and the President....not to mention Western Leftists and Muslims worldwide.

You would think that at least the Western Left would make use of it to demonize Jews, but then again they hate Christians and Christianity, and protecting Christian rights and opposing anti Christian bigotry isnt really their cup of tea.


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