Thursday, December 09, 2010

Selma's Silence

The Iranian blog "From Tehran with love" is no longer available.

Selma, the blog owner, wrote her last post a few months ago. It was entitled: "Hypocrite" and I remember it was a wry comment on how her belief that there is no God is being contradicted with her need to pray to this non-existent God. A distressing dilemma I am not unfamiliar with myself.

I mentioned her blog and her sad thoughts from time to time on my blog.

I wish I knew the reason why she has gone quiet. She did intimate, a few times, that she was very busy with her studies (translation) and work.

If you happen to read this, Selma, please leave a sign that all is well with you. There are people here, other bloggers, who have been greatly moved by the power of your words, so understated yet so shocking. They will want to hear from you.


Update: You will be relieved to hear that Selma is well and even thriving in her academic career. She emailed me this afternoon and asked to thank all "you guys" who have followed her blog with such interest and concern.


At 12:20 AM EST, Blogger Terry Glavin said...

I remember Selma. Really happy to hear she's okay.

At 2:00 PM EST, Blogger Tracy said...

I am in tears right now. I met Selma online in maybe 2006 or so and I was following her closely during the unrest- was there ever a period in her lifetime when there wasn't unrest? What a positively brilliant writer and humanist. I told all of my friends about her, read her blog and communicated back and forth with her. I met a few of her local friends online as well.
I will never forget retweeting her in '09 and having one of her friends tell me that I should never use her name or it could mean a death sentence. It was shortly after that when I was unable to find her online and, of course, we all know what happened in Iran. I am so glad to read that you heard from her. I didn't even get to the most recent post yet, about to read that now. Thank you so much for this post!


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