Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to cure a hangover:

An Angry Arab's New Definition of "Democracy"

I'm fascinated by this Angry Arab blog. It provides a wealth of insights into the paradoxical mind of a Berkeley professor who describes himself as "a former Marxist-Leninist, now an anarchist", a feminist, and an "atheist secularist".

Reading his "news service" (as valuable a window into the inscrutable mass psychology of the Arab Street as MEMRI is), one can only marvel at the boldness and unselfconsciousness of AA's cognitive dissonance. He is the embodiment of Orwellian doublethink, that is, the act of simultaneously accepting as correct two mutually contradictory beliefs.

For an intellectual who defines himself as an anarchist, he seems to cheer what he diagnoses as the resurgence of Pan-Arabism and totalitarian, genocidal Arab Islamic ideology.

Here is an example:

In this blogpost he jeers at the NYT pundits who misunderstand what drives the Egyptian revolution:

"What do the Egyptians want, according to the New York Times?

Well, look at this headline: "Egyptians Say Military Discourages an Open Economy." Yes, the thing that Egyptians really have fought for is to make the economy more "open" and to invite more MNCs and to encourage the rise of more corrupt billionaires in the country. That was the goal of the Egyptian uprising, yeah"

Later on he provides a few possible answers as to what he thinks, with obvious approval, motivates the mass uprisings:

"Zionists who are freaking out, may freak out even more

For those who say that there are no foreign policy goals for Egyptian protesters, you need to watch this. In it, Egyptians (more than 2 million today) in Tahrir Square chant: "To Jerusalem we are heading, Martyrs in the millions." (Yes, it rhymes in Arabic) عالقدس رايحين, شهداء بالملايين (thanks Farah)"

"Arab nationalism

Fouad Ajami, and other Zionists who have had declared that Arab nationalism is long dead, need to explain this: how events in one Arab country are influencing another? How slogans chanted in Tunisia are also chanted in Egypt and Bahrain?"

So, the secular anarchist from Berkeley applauds and can hardly contain his exuberance as he perceives an ostensibly "democratic" movement expressing itself in excessive nationalism and religious fanaticism.

Anyone who as yet has not figured out the true meaning of the Egyptian "democratic revolution" ought to visit AA's blog. I don't know. Is there a really effective toddy for the morning-after hangover?


At 8:16 AM EST, Blogger Dvar Dea said...

Arab racism against Jews, anti-Zionism, had many dresses over the years. Ottomanism, pan-Arabism, Marxism, distorted human rights rhetoric, and Islamism. This guy dresses his hate in anarchism, but does not really care who implements his hatred.

At 5:42 PM EST, Anonymous Bella said...

Seems to me he is typical of the armchair revolutionary exiles from Arab lands who can afford the luxury of being more ideological and far less practical than those on the ground.

At 7:22 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

between Nasrallah's call (from Damascus) to liberate Galilee on Thursday, and Qaradhawi's call (from Cairo) to re-conquer Jerusalem, I guess this Angry Arab is going to enjoy watching Armegeddon from his armchair.


At 2:19 PM EST, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

The really sad thing, is that this fellow is comfortably ensconced in our Western University...where he spreads his Anti American, Anti Semitic, Anti Western views amongst our sons and daughters.

This man has no place in our institutions. He should be ostracized.

But such is the state of the West, under the New Left Zeitgeist.

At 5:21 AM EST, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

"an intellectual who defines himself as an anarchist"

Beg pardon, Noga, but I have to make a bit of an issue with this. He may be fascinating to you (and to Judeopundit), but only as a bottomless source of inanities. I mean, in my childhood I was fascinated by all kinds of life that develops in stale pail of water in the backyard. Or something like that, anyhow.

Pissed Cousin is a putz who may define himself as anything - he will still remain a putz.

The real question you have raised in this post is that of the hangover cure. If you had some Russian/Polish roots, you would know that only two things: pickle juice ("rassol") and the fabled hair of the dog (no need to be choosy - any alcohol will do after the juice) - taken in this sequence, will bring a relief.

Everything else, like that democracy that is inevitable to come after the Egyptian revolution, is so much crapola ;-)

At 12:15 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...,0,1264749.story

seems the 'birthplace' of democracy is okey-dokey with Jewish "conspiratorial pursuit of global domination"



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