Saturday, February 26, 2011

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Obama's policy on Libya: Decision by international committee (irony and forgiveness) Page 3 page 4 Page 5

When I read this statement by one of the commenters:

"Obama decided to reflect on how best to approach the issue in consultation with allies"

I was reminded of a long forgotten The Sanbaggers' episode: Decision by Committee:

"C: You can't have the power without the responsibility.

Burnside: And you mean I'm irresponsible?
C: Not as you see it I know. But we're answerable to the government of the day. You can't have the tail wagging the dog.
Burnside: But you will allow the dog to bark.
C: To bark yes, but it must bite strictly within the rules."


At 11:27 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...
for a healthy dose of Benjamin Kerstein as antidote to yet another hijacked TNR thread.

Thanks again for noting my impulse to share what stimulates my understandings, a process that extends into infinity.


At 6:23 PM EST, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Hey Noga,

I just discovered this and thought you might be interested, although you may have already come across it yourself.

Arguing the World

At 8:39 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have lost track in TNR, but saw your YNET quote on Moussa. So far, I see him more a James Baker-fixer than a raving ideologue, leftist, or Islamist. We shall see.

It is as if TNR is morphing into a knee-jerk liberal popular culture rag, based on the top banner story titles.
oh well.



At 12:31 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

of course, the down side is that the rules within which one must allow the dog to bite are fixed in such a way as to limit the depth to which the bite will penetrate and how often the dog will be allowed to shake it's head.

one of my blogs is called the middle of the road - the centrist view.
the other is the podiwan comedy podcast review


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