Friday, February 04, 2011

Egyptian Democracy: Watch out, for this too can be a mirage...

@ Bob's: Holocaust memorial and hecklers:

American policy and radical Islam Page 2

(Zizek and Ramadan on Al-jazeera)

Wieseltier opines
Page 2
Page 3

@Nizo's: Pity the child

@Bob's: The Scent of Jasmin


At 5:02 AM EST, Anonymous Bella said...

Great comment thread!

At 11:05 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, but will the commenters now migrate to Herf's very long TNR article?

more snow shovelling before I check again :)

I wonder what Peretz is thinking...


At 10:33 AM EST, Anonymous Bob said...

Totally off topic, but thought you might like it:

At 10:52 PM EST, Anonymous Bella said...

Also off topic: I just read your comment on TNR and agree completely. I often felt that the comment threads were better than anything else in the magazine. We need to encourage Marty Peretz to start his own blog as a new place to congregate.

"01/28/2011 - 1:04pm EDT | noga1
You can see the degree of respect this magazine extends to its more active readers in the way it simply removes a blog which was the congregating place for many posters for many years without so much as granting us the courtesy of a parting message, some sign that they are aware of us or appreciate our contributions."


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