Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Those Fickle Iranians...

Angry Arab (or, as Snoopy calls him affectionately: "Pissed Cousin") is puzzled and upset. Looks like the Iranian protesters did not get the memo.*

When he first hears about it, he refuses to believe:

A different taste to Iranian protests

"Aljazeera commented, regarding US cheers for Iranian protests, that protests in Iran "have a different taste" for the US government. By the way, an Iranian comrade sent me that that on-line groups have maintained that some of the protesters in Iran yesterday chanted "No to Gaza, and No to Lebanon." Is that true? "

Less than hour later, the painful truth begins to trickle in:

No to Gaza? Are you kidding me?

I have more reasons to be fiercely opposed to the Green Movement than ever. I received confirmation that signs and chants by Iranian Green protesters included the slogan "No to Gaza" (I don't care about Lebanon). Are you kidding me? First, the leader of the Green Movement wants to return to "the purity" of Khumayni's revolution and you wonder why I would not lend support? I am for the overthrow of the Iranian regime of course, and the Supreme Guide has to be toppled and the position canceled but the Green Movement won't do it. The Green Movement is like March 14 Movement in Lebanon: worthy only of my scorn. Of course, there are Iranian leftist protesters who don't support the Green Movement: those get my vote. And what has Gaza done to you? Gaza is not Hamas (Hamas has installed a lousy government in Gaza but the Abu Mazen government in the West Bank is ever far lousier because, as Sa'ib `Urayqat admitted in the Palestine Papers, they lie and "kill Palestinians" for Israel.) Gaza is an impoverished community of uprooted and occupied Palestinians who live under siege. No to Gaza? Oh, no: NO to the Green Revolution and its pro- Khumayni leaders. Between Khamenei and Khumayni: I choose neither. Between Ahdmadinajad and Musavi, I choose neither.

The next morning it can no longer be puzzled upon:

That lousy Green Movement

"“Not Gaza or Lebanon! Tunisia, Egypt, and Iran!” protesters shouted in the streets." That is why I chant: no to Ahmadinajad, and no to Green Movement. (thanks Laleh)


* Just to make it clear how the AA is positioned:

"Friedman says this: "The Arab tyrants, precisely because they were illegitimate, were the ones who fed their people hatred of Israel as a diversion." Of course, it is the other day round. Arab tyrants are friends of Israel and the bit of anti-Israel rhetoric that comes out of them is forced by the people on them."


Update: An Iranian reader of AA apologizes for and explains his people's fickleness:

... The strategic goal of Israel is separating Iran and Iranian people from Resistance in Lebanon and Palestinian movement. This kind of slogan produces a sharp wedge between the two side. Nourizadeh is clearly connected to Pro-zionist and Saudi elements. even he was attacking Al-jazeera arabic in Egypt demonstrations that people in Egypt are angry what business this Aljazeera based in tiny qatar has in Egypt? His son recently has become a director in a major Hollywood program. But why this slogan suggested by them was picked up by some? It was picked mostly by more secular or anti-religious elements. But also it was pickled up as a backlash to the instrumental use of the Palestinian Plight by the Ahmadinejaad. In one sense this slogan is not as negative towards palestinians as it is felt in translation,.. At least sentiment of those who shouted it is not that they are hostile or indifferent to Palestinian Plight or Lebanese resistance,...they meant mostly ok we have done as far as we could do for those people and we cannot do much more and we have had paid for it,.. all these embargo and sanctions on Iran, which drastically effect the economic life of ordinary man in Iranian streets, is happening because of the hostility with Israel,.. the moment Iran become friend with Israel these will go away and all doors will become open on Iran. Believe me no people in the world has paid as Iranian people for the support of Palestinan cause, although in no way was their direct concern,... This has been done for the sake of God and human and moral values. I am proud of this sacrifice,...But for some this sacrifice has become too much,... specially when has not been seconded by many Arab countries or people and in occasions was not even appreciated by palestinians ( like their support for Saddam Hossein). This is not my personal opinion,.. but the sentiment of those who had shouted this slogan,..There is a proverb in Persian that says that "The Lamb which is needed for home is forbidden to be donated to the mosque". Kind of this proverb is a restatement of the following Quranic verse... "

It's all Israel's fault, you see. It was Israel that introduced the slogan into the demostrations and "secular antireligious elements" [those collaborators, you see] picked it up...


Update II: But Angry Arab is consoled by fellow Arabs who, unlike those fickle Iranians, have not got distracted from their main goal due to such silly concepts like democracy...:

Friday, February 18, 2011
Zionists who are freaking out, may freak out even more
For those who say that there are no foreign policy goals for Egyptian protesters, you need to watch this. In it, Egyptians (more than 2 million today) in Tahrir Square chant: "To Jerusalem we are heading, Martyrs in the millions." (Yes, it rhymes in Arabic)
عالقدس رايحين, شهداء بالملايين


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