Sunday, March 13, 2011

The newest Jewish conspiracies in the Arab Street

Israel assists Qaddafi

Israel attempts to thwart Amr Moussa's presidential bid:

I've read that Israel is currently trying to maneuver between the political forces (in Egypt) in a bid to thwart my candidacy. I am not ruling this out, but I don't think the national political forces will cooperate with Israel to block the candidacy of an Egyptian citizen."

How better to win the hearts and minds of freedom-loving Egyptians than to accuse Israel of trying to stop Moussa's candidacy? All that remains is for some wikileaks leaks to provide the secret minutes of an Israeli cabinet meeting instructing the Mossad to torpedo Moussa's chances, and Mousa becomes a national hero. Who will dare not vote for him?

Wave of uprisings in the Arab street orchestrated by Tel Aviv

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh addressed about 500 students and lecturers at Sanaa University on Tuesday, where he claimed that protests had been orchestrated by Tel Aviv, under the direction of Washington DC.

A Zionist Olympic logo
Iranian Olympic Committee has launched an official complaint to the International Olympic Committee concerning the design of London 2012 Olympic games logo.

Baharm Afsharzadeh, the secretary general of Iran’s Olympic Committee told reporters the logo depicts the word ZION, a totally irrelevant symbol for what it is supposed to depict i.e. the spirit of Olympics.



@ the Egyptian blog "Pyramidion" a few more conspiracies are provided:

After being internationally recognized as a new nation amidst Arab countries in 1948 and in order to serve its aggressive and expansionist policy in Palestine, Israel needed time-more than anything else- to make those new Zionist geo-political findings as facts on the ground and nothing seemed to serve those end goals better than ever new Israeli aggressions, strong and blind support from the united states and backstage deals with authoritarian and corrupt Arab rulers, whom while trying to guarantee their grip on power, were willing to give Israel more than she even asked for.

Arab rulers gave Israel the long peace and quiet on the Egyptian and Jordanian borders, they gave her the normalization of political relations with Tel Aviv offered by many capitols in the Arab world from Doha/Qatar in the east to Rabat/Morocco in the far west and even some of the corrupt negotiators of the Palestinian authority have offered to give Israel unbelievable concessions regarding the hot topics of the west bank and East Jerusalem thus denying millions of Palestinians the right to return to their homeland as revealed lately by the Palestine papers leaked by Aljazeera. "

"Mubarak Toppled by CIA Because He Opposed US Plans for War with Iran; US Eyes Seizure of Suez Canal; Was this the Threat that Forced Mubarak to Quit?"

"you are truely tuned into the egyption “uprising”, you’d see that this was a CIA-Mossad operation punishing Mubarek for his failure to support an attack on Iran. Your cry for a unified arab people is precisely what hillary clinton , et al. sought in order to create their “nuclear umbrella” in order to “protect” the arab peoples (Egypt, Saudi Arbia, etc) and poor little Israel from “evil” Iran. Instead, as everyone understands, this would have been used to launch an attack on that nation. Your petition for pan-arabism is just a ploy to pit sunnis against shiites. If not, take a look at the facts and reconsider."


At 1:26 AM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

The US should base the Libyan No Fly Zone operation out of Israeli Air Force bases.

That would be hoot!

At 9:10 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you miss the "Qaddhafi's mother was Jewish?" rumour?

has anyone blamed the nuclear crisis in Japan on Jews, or is it just General Electric?

anyway, the news is that the UK, France, and the United Arab Emirates are moving their fighter jets to a French base in Corsica.
NO American fighter jets to be deployed. just missiles from the USNavy...

Purim and a full moon - what else can happen?


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