Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Atrocity at Itamar
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Libyan Intervention

Another TNR article about Libyan intervention


At 2:01 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why I posted about Responsibility to Protect on the Judis Libya thread, although that was before I read this:

It is strange that alleged liberals at TNR are completely avoiding R2P, which was the driving force behind UNSC1973.

Guarantee it will enter the election debate, although I am not quite so sure Gaffney's fear about Israel are justified since R2P is about stopping a government from violence against it's own citizens - the way to over-ride the longstanding reluctance to intervene inside a "sovereign" nation.

other relevant links found here:

too many TNR threads on Libya.
kind of strange that I got labelled as a warmonger when I still do not think anything other than Obama should not have called for Q to step down on March 3, or moved naval assets into the Med, and then did nothing. Better he did nothing from the beginning.
Seems the hard-core O-lovers are really opposed to any criticism.



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