Sunday, May 08, 2011

63 years of Jewish Independence
and going strong ...

Happy Birthday Israel!

"On the eve of its 63rd Independence Day, the state’s population has surpassed 7.7 million, a growth of 2 percent since this time last year, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The figures, published on Sunday, show an increase of 155,000 citizens.

Jews makes up some 75.3% of the population, or 5,837,000 people, while the Arab population has reached 1,587,000 (20.5%).

Non-Arabs and non-Jews make up 4.2% of citizens, or 322,000 people.

Since Independence Day last year, 178,000 babies were born, while some 43,000 people died. Close to 24,500 immigrants arrived, of those 6,500 were ex-pat Israelis returning home.

HaReut ( The Friendship)
... this friendship, we carried you wordlessly, grey, stubborn, and silent, from the nights of horror, you remain great and fierce ...

" Veulahy" (Maybe) ...and maybe these things never happened ... were you real, or was it just a dream?

"Ma omrot eynaich" (What is it your eyes are telling me?)
... who is dreaming of you in a distant and orphaned military post?

Hayu leylot ( nights)



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