Saturday, May 21, 2011

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@ Simply Jews: Literary Judge doesn't heart Philip Roth

More Obama, more Netanyahu, so what else is new?


At 3:19 PM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks for the link and for the info too.


At 10:05 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

add to your reference links - to build our case that Obama snubs allies to appease enemies and/or non-allies:

In today's WSJ (linked through RCP), there is "Obama, in Europe, to Focus on Mideast On Tour, U.S. President Will Also Seek to Counter What Some Allies See as Snubs. By CAROL E. LEE And ALISTAIR MACDONALD

They note that Berlin is annoyed that Obama has not yet made a visit as president (probably because he knows Merkel detests him), and, Italy is upset that Obama is "among the heads of state not expected to attend an event to mark the 150th anniversary of Italy's founding"

and Bret Stephens today linked thru RCW on "An Anti-Israel President. The president's peace proposal is a formula for war"

"...Mr. Obama was also cheered [AIPAC] for his references to Israel as a "Jewish state." But why then obfuscate on the question of Palestinian refugees, whose political purpose over 63 years has been to destroy Israel as a Jewish state?

And then there was that line that "we will hold the Palestinians accountable for their actions and their rhetoric." Applause! But can Mr. Obama offer a single example of having done that as president, except perhaps at the level of a State Department press release?

What, then, would a pro-Israel president do? He would tell Palestinians that there is no right of return. He would make the reform of the Arab mindset toward Israel the centerpiece of his peace efforts. He would outline hard and specific consequences should Hamas join the government.

Such a vision could lay the groundwork for peace. What Mr. Obama offered is a formula for war, one that he will pursue in a second term. Assuming, of course, that he gets one."

[only remaining cheerleaders are on the left - and I bet he can NOT raise one billion for 2012. The clues at AIPAC are that Jewish donors will focus on congressional and Senate candidates. He has also lost Wall Street and organized labor for money, not to mention 15 million unemployed, skewed to recent college grads and over-50.]

and, thank you for your translation from Hebrew of your most recent post.


At 11:37 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

cheer up and read Spengler "Israel as Middle Eastern hegemon"
"...The right way to read this projection is backwards: Israelis love children and have lots of them because they are happy, optimistic and prosperous. Most of Israel's population increase comes from so-called "secular" Israelis, who have 2.6 children on average, more than any other people in the industrial world. The ultra-Orthodox have seven or eight, bringing total fertility to three children.

Europeans, Turks and Iranians, by contrast, have very few children because they are grumpy, alienated and pessimistic. It's not so much the projection of the demographic future cranked out by the United Nations computers that counts, but rather the implicit vision of the future in the minds of today's prospective parents. ..."

[gets better with the economic analysis]



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