Monday, May 16, 2011

A tale told by a liar ...

At 7:15 AM he posts:

"...he sight was unbelievable. 10 death and dozens injured and the Palestinian guys would not stop. ""

48 minutes later, at

"I am watching it now and as if Israel has not killed and injured hundreds yesterday."

How have the 10 death [sic]and dozens injured turned into hundreds of killed and injured*?

Don't ask him.

Don't bother him with facts, records, history, contexts, consistence, accountability. He has no interest in truth, or ethics, or even a remotely rational position. He is a mass of raging hormones, attached to a megaphone. And as a teacher in academia, he is entrusted with the teaching of young Americans and preparing them for critical thinking, evaluating information and making ethical choices.

Who is "he"?

Why, none other thanformer Scholar-in-Residence at Middle East Institute in Washington DC, former free-lance Middle East consultant for NBC News and ABC News, and now professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus and visiting professor at UC, Berkeley.


* What really happened?

"Around 100 Syrian protesters infiltrated the northern border on Sunday and clashed with IDF troops, at one of many flashpoints along the various borders and in the West Bank amid demonstrations marking the Palestinian “Nakba Day.”

At least one Syrian was killed by IDF gunfire. In similar strife along the Lebanese border, conflicting reports spoke of between three and 10 people killed, while the IDF said that most and possibly all of the casualties were caused by the Lebanese Armed Forces"

Do you think the former Scholar-in-Residence at Middle East Institute etc etc etc, and now professor of etc etc etc and visiting professor at UC, Berkeley is ignorant of the facts as reported by J-Post?

Not so. Here he is fulminating against the lousy Lebanese army for shooting at Palestinians:

"This failure of an army--perhaps one of the most failed attempt of armies--shot today at demonstrators against Israeli at the Lebanese border after Israeli occupation war criminals killed and injured protesters. The lousy Lebanese Army said that he does not want to open "a front now" because the situation is critical."

He links to this source for his information. It is in Arabic. Google translation:

"According to sources in the field for "NOW Lebanon" that "after warnings repeated by the Lebanese army to the citizens of Palestinians to stay away from the barbed wire of the alignment of Maroun al-Ras, and after they refused and kept throwing stones at the Israeli side, the intervention of the Lebanese army, and arrived at the alignment of the tape, where he began began shooting in the air to disperse the Palestinians, asking them to return to their places of residence, for their own safety, "pointing to" the fall of the 4 dead and 30 wounded. "

Sources on the ground itself, pointed out that "the Lebanese army determined to execute this mission, in order to preserve the integrity of the first on the Palestinians and to prevent the open front of that region, especially Lebanon and living status critical and difficult on all levels."

So he knows that the IDF did not kill nor injured " hundreds" in this border "demonstrations". But knowledge of the facts does not deter him from making these factual statements. What does that make the former Scholar etc etc and visiting professor at UC, Berkeley etc etc?

A false witness against himself.


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