Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Daily Snarl

Look at this knee-jerk snarl by the professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus and visiting professor at UC, Berkeley, aka Angry Arab:

"Zionists think that they can issue commands to the Egyptian people

Look at this silly headline in an Israeli propaganda sheet: "Let Mubarak die in peace".
Failing, in the bitterness of his hermetic robotic hatred, to note that the plea (how can "let X die in peace" be possibly interpreted as issuing a command?) is actually addressed to the Egyptian people by "Jihad al-Khazen, one of the most prominent, influential and respected columnist in the Arab world, defended Mubarak in an op-ed published by leading newspaper al-Hayat".

Jihad al-Khazen cannot be suspected of being a crypto-Zionist, when he is described as:

"an anti-Israel, anti-American, anti-Semitic columnist for the London-based al-Hayat, one of the leading newspapers in the Arabic Diaspora. Though al-Hayat is somewhat pro-West on some issues, al-Khazen's ink poisons the editorial page. In a recent column, the Lebanese columnist openly admits, "Throughout my journalistic career I have mainly focused on criticizing the United States and on attacking Israel." His blatant lies and vitriol, in the last month alone, are worth recounting."
An author after Prof. AbuKhalil's own heart and mind.

So, one might well ask, scratching one's head: What gives?

A famous Israeli joke tells about a man who visits a zoo and stands for hours next to the giraffe's enclosure, staring at it in utter fascination: There is no such animal, he finally says.

This is more or less how I feel whenever I visit AAAA's blog (on a daily basis). I've been asked why I find this person's fulminations so interesting. I don't really know how to answer except that I look and read and think to myself: this cannot be real.



The most encouraging aspect of this article is the fact that I found it, of all places, on this website: Now Lebanon,

"independent, non-sectarian, and includes members from all Lebanese political, ethnic, religious and socio-economic groups and persuasions. The single idea that is truly sacred in this forum is the pursuit of an independent, democratic, liberal and prosperous Lebanon, with equal rights and opportunities for all its citizens."

with a note at the bottom of the page that
"The above article was published in on July 19th, 2011".
Oy. So, the dogs bark but the caravan moves on.


Second aside:

AA is not as outlandish and alone as one might wish.

Just happened to visit a website where the real issue is discussed of what to do with all those Jews living in Israel once Israel becomes a real democracy.

A few choice quotes from commenters:

"Saeed Hotary

Any Jew who occupies any part of historic Palestine is a zionist. Zionism will not be conquered until former zionists exercise their right of return OUT of Palestine. I dont buy this distinction of non zionist vs left zionist. Both you and Larry are not part of the solution as is"


"It is a call for a new Past Zionist discourse. It seems that Zionism, as a word, ideology, theology or movement has emerged as the new battlefield between those who would claim to be better Zionists: the settlers and their supporters, and those who say that a “Zionist is not a settler” and that “we” need to end the Occupation to save ourselves. In the meantime, ultra-right nationalism thrives in Israel’s political system, the domestic human rights movement is under attack, settlement and occupation are ever more engrained as Israel’s civil religion, and Palestinian families are cleared out of East Jerusalem to make way for privileged “Zionists,” the settlers.

This is not a criticism of those who would anchor their worldview or politics in Zionism. Rather it questions the wisdom and efficacy of such an investment, when what we really need is to focus on democracy, human rights and social justice. Perhaps, at a later point, Zionism can find its place in the discussion, and Judaism can work its way back into democracy. But for now, democracy must be the first priority because that is what is being molested at this time."


"I am always shocked at the level of compassion and humanising of Israelis that I hear from Palestinians who have lost more than everything at Israeli hands. Even though Israelis (such as the ones who said youre drilling holes in the lifeboat his sympathisers and who probably formulate the majority in Israel) dont necessarily deserve such care from those the very people they are oppressing. After everything that was and is being done to the Palestinians, its only understandable there are those who feel like Saeed Hotary, whom you call an ethnic cleanser. Fantasies of having the brutal occupier leave the homeland they stole is not quite the same as the one that Zionists exercised the last 60 years. They really had 60 years to prove their intentions and failed at every turn. Would you be so forgiving if it happened to you? Israelis should be totally understanding if Palestinians feel like Saeed, but hope for forgiveness."


"I am a 3rd generation refugee, but regard Jaffa, Palestine as my home. My family owned large amounts of commercially valuable property in Jaffa. When my Right of Return occurs, I want my property back. The world community will soon impose the Right of Return on isreael, so I dont need to negotiate to get less than I would otherwise. In terms of you living in israel since age 6, that is your problem. That means that your family has been trespassing for a long time. Most countries deport illegal immigrants even if they have been in the country for decades. You and your families do not have the permission of the Palestinian people to remain in Palestine. Russia welcomes you home"


At 1:37 AM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

"I don't really know how to answer..."

Aha... it becomes clearer and clearer.

At 7:51 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Third generation refugee? I guess if he can justify ethnic cleansing, he can believe in whatever little fantasy he wants.


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