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On the attempts to explain Breivik's deed

Christopher Hitchens tries to make sense of the Norway terrorist. His is a thorough and thoughtful attempt to untangle all the threads in our chaotic world that have gotten into a tight knot in this atrocity.

Key quote:

"Pushed to its logical or pathological conclusion, this would involve something that Europeans and Americans have never seen before: a conflict between different forms of fascism in order to see which assault on multi-ethnic democracy was the most effective."

In this comment, Hitchens seems to agree with how Bret Stephens described the pogrom:

"In a superb new book, "Heaven on Earth: The Varieties of Millennial Experience," Boston University's Richard Landes notes just how pervasive this kind of impulse has been throughout history and across cultures, and how much its many strains—Christian, Marxist, Islamist, Nazi, environmentalist and so on—have in common. Breivik, Mr. Landes says, was of a piece: "Like many active cataclysmic apocalypticists, he believed that the socio-political world is in huge tension, like tectonic plates about to crack, and if he can set off a small explosion in the right place it will unleash far greater forces." In this sense, Mr. Landes adds, "the thing he resembles most is the people he hates."

He's right, and not just in regards to methods. Just as al Qaeda's primary fury has always been directed at Muslims who they view as apostates, traitors or stooges of the West, the main object of Breivik's hatred was what he called the "cultural Marxists" who dominated Norwegian politics. "If they refuse to surrender until 2020," he said of them, "there will be no turning back. We will eventually wipe out every single one of them."

And my favourite Israeli journalist, Ben-Dror Yemini, weighs in with an explicit version of the same view, in his usual, no-nonsense, clarity:

2. לפי דוח שפורסם לפני חודשים אחדים בנורבגיה, רוב מוחלט של מעשי האונס בשנים האחרונות בוצעו על ידי "לא מערביים". כלומר מהגרים. בעיקר מוסלמים. ממשלת נורבגיה עוצמת עיניים. היא אינה נוקטת בשום צעד רציני כדי לבלום את האלימות, את הפשיעה, את ההתנחלות והכיבוש, את ההשתלטות הזרה על המדינה, שבעוד עשרות שנים בודדות תהפוך למוסלמית.

זו הסיבה שפעיל הימין, אנדרס בריוויק, פגע במשרדי הממשלה ומשם המשיך לכנס של דור ההמשך של מפלגת השלטון. פעמיים נפגע בריוויק על ידי מהגרים שבאו לכבוש את ארצו. אטימות הממשלה היא שהובילה אותו למצוקה, לאין מוצא, ובהמשך לפעולת ההתנגדות.

הדברים שנכתבו עד כאן הם הבל גמור. משום שמי שמוצא הצדקות לרצח, לטבח, לטרור, הוא שותף לפשע. מותר לבקר מדיניות הגירה. אבל בין ביקורת לטבח אין ולא צריך להיות שום קשר ובוודאי לא הצדקה. ובכלל, גם אם רוב מעשי הפשע והאונס מבוצעים על ידי מהגרים, זה לא אומר שכל המהגרים הם פושעים ואנסים.

העניין הוא, שזו בדיוק הרטוריקה שכל כך התרגלנו אליה. רטוריקה של הבנה לטרור, ובהמשך הצדקה. ולא רק רטוריקה. קשה קצת לשכוח את המשטים והמצעדים הקבועים של חברי הקואליציה האדומה-ירוקה. רדיקלים משמאל וג'יהדיסטים איסלאמיסטים. מי שמבקר את הרב-תרבותיות לא צועד יחד עם טרוריסטים ולא מחפש הצדקות לטבח. הרדיקלים משמאל, לעומת זאת, נמצאים בצד של החמאס והטרור. יחי ההבדל הקטן

According to a report published a few months ago in Norway, the dominant majority of rape cases in the recent years were perpetrated by “non-Western” individuals, that is to say, immigrants, especially Muslims. The Norwegian government is turning a blind eye and does nothing to thwart this violence, the crime, the expansion and take-over, the foreign invasion on the state that in a few decades will be Islamized.

This is the reason that this right wing activist, Andres Breivik, targeted the government offices and proceeded to attack the next-generation of the governing party. Twice Breivik has been hurt by immigrants who had come to occupy his country. The government’s inaction caused his distress and eventually led him to commit these acts.

All of the above is total nonsense. Anyone who seeks to justify murder, massacres, terror, is complicit in the crime. It is permissible to criticize immigration policies but there cannot be any connection between criticism of immigration and massacres. And even if most crimes and rapes are done by immigrants it doesn’t follow that all immigrants are criminal and rapists.

The problem is that we are accustomed to exactly this type of routine rhetoric. A rhetoric that shows understanding towards terror becomes, in due course, a justification, not just rhetoric. It’s hard to forget the flotillas and the routine marches of the red-green alliance: Radicals from the Left and Islamist jihadists, in lock-step. Those who criticize multiculturalism do not march with terrorists or try to find justifications for massacres. The Left radicals, however, are on the side of Hamas. Vive la petite différence. (Translated by CC, emphases and links added by the translator)


At 12:30 AM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

I think you have a huge blind spot to the Left's hostility towards the Western Christian Conservative.

The Left radicals are the enemy of decent indigenous European Christians and Peoples. And the Social Democrats merely mean to get to the same utopian vision at a slower pace with better euphemisms and twisting of language.

It's not going to end well, because the Left will never stop pushing, with each small success, they merely move to more and more radical Leftwing policy. They are never satiated. Eventually they are going to hit a brick wall.

Islam and Mass Immigration of Third Worlders is that brick wall. Islam is just too much. Its everything that the Left claims they hate about Christianity, yet the Left apologize profusely for it (and that means the majority of the Left and their minority identity political groups--not just the radicals). Clearly they mean to disempower the white European Christian majority cultures and peoples and balkanize society, playing each group against each other, to empower the state (under their auspices).

This isnt going to end well. Dark times ahead.

At 9:50 AM EDT, Blogger Junaid Ahmed said...

they merely move to more and more radical Leftwing policy. They are never satiated. Eventually they are going to hit a brick wall.

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