Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Giraffe's Cognitive Dissonance


"The fun is not to hate your enemies: "

Can you believe the total absence of self-awareness of this person who cannot speak without bile streaming out of his keyboard?


Another gem: Whenever material is thin on the ground, the visiting prof. from wherever regales us with the latest innovations from the unfathomable resources of his sarcastic brilliance. Here is one example:

"Abraham Foxman is working on a new definition of anti-Semitism. According to his new--yet to be released-- guidelines, it is deeply anti-Semitic to not appreciate and enjoy Israeli bombs when they fall on you."

(Of course, AA 's grasp on antisemitism is highly eccentric, to say the least)

By the same logic, according to AA, it is deeply racist of Israelis and their supporters to fail to appreciate the Arab beauty of suicide bombings in pizzerias, and qassams being lobed at school buses and kindergartens.

BTW, AA has a unique obsession with Abe Foxman. So much so that he actually feels an irresistible urge to drag his name into comments which have nothing whatsoever to do with Foxman or his organization, as in this example about a Lebanese belly dancer who performed to the music of an Israeli group in France.



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